Regular business travelers become all too familiar with hotels, and it doesn’t take long for the downsides to pile up. No place to cook, not enough space, no privacy, no easy access to outside — the list goes on. Ordering room service or eating out all the time gets quite pricey, too.  However, there’s a solution to consider: a short term business rental. Here’s why it’s your best option.

A Short Term Business Rental Offers Privacy

Staying a hotel is, quite literally, living in a community of fellow travelers for the length of your stay. You can spend top dollar on a great hotel room, but it will never feel like a home. After all, you probably walk by a front desk on your way in and out, and the only way to keep a stranger out of your room is to put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.

Meanwhile, a short term business rental is a home, and you’ll have it all to yourself. Bedrooms, closets, a kitchen, living room — all the aspects of home you usually take for granted. You can choose from single-family residences, apartments and condominiums. Many also include a yard and a front porch to soak in the sunshine. Our guests find that everything from sleeping to getting dressed to eating are more comfortable done outside the confines of a hotel.

cooking in kitchen

Your Own Full Kitchen

When you rent one of our homes for business, you’ll have a full kitchen to use as you please. An oven, stove, microwave and full sets of dishes and silverware are at your disposal. No more mini bars and, yes, the refrigerator is full-sized.

As you get out and explore the local community, you can stop at a grocery store to stock up on food for your stay. Making your own meals is probably the easiest way to save money on a trip, and having your own kitchen makes that as easy as can be.

Fully Furnished — in Style

All of the short term business rentals at PC Housing are fully furnished with tasteful and comfortable items, so you’ll have no trouble getting cozy during your stay. You’ll also find an adequate supply of towels, linens and the other necessities that all travelers need but don’t have the space to pack. Many of our homes also have a washer and dryer.

There’s something great about opening a cabinet and finding it already stocked with what you need. It takes away a level of travel stress that everyone can do without.

If you aren’t into cooking and you’d rather eat out, that’s fine, too. What’s important to us is offering you the option.

dog on sofa

Some Short Term Business Rentals Are Pet-Friendly

Business travel is never lonely when you bring a friend along. Many of PC Housing’s homes welcome pets! You can’t say the same about most hotels. Be sure to let us know if you plan on bringing your pet along, so we can make sure we put you in a home that is pet-friendly.

A Staff Ready to Help

PC Housing offers locations across the U.S. and Canada in cities both large and small. You can browse our properties online or give us a call at 1 (866) 763-4564. Tell us where you’re headed and what the must-haves in your short-term home are, and we’ll have you scheduled no time!