For those of us who travel by air often, we have no choice but to be subject to the will of whatever airline we’re flying. We all know that in-flight magazines only tell us the good stuff. It’s in our best interest, then, to stay up on the goings-on in the airline industry. So here’s a round-up of recent airline industry news to keep you up on your game.

Airline Glitches Are in the News

We’re hearing more and more about airline computer glitches throwing a wrench in travelers’ plans. But they aren’t necessarily happening more often.

At least, that’s the conclusion that Bloomberg came to in a recent article. Recent incidents, such as a late-January Delta snafu that resulted in 280 cancelled fights and many delays — not to mention a 2.5-hour grounding of all United flights a week prior — have many folks questioning airline IT infrastructure. The article has a chart detailing problematic airline glitches dating back to 2013, and the rate actually hasn’t increased in the past year or so.

The Bloomberg article also offers some interesting business insight into the world of airline technology, which might pique your interest if you work in the tech world.

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About Those ‘Economy’ Flights…

Here’s something many of us already knew, or at least suspected: those increasingly popular “economy fare” deals aren’t really much of a deal at all. The base ticket price may seem appealing, but the upcharge for even the most basic things — like putting a bag in the overhead bin — is a turnoff for anyone who travels often. Also, chances are that most economy flyers will be stuck with a middle seat.

If you’re still considering an economy ticket, CBS recently offered a breakdown of what United, American and Delta are offering in that regard.

Could You Sit on a Plane for 17 Hours?

The world has a new longest direct flight. It’s a 9,032-mile Qatar Airlines flight from Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand, which landed for the first time on Feb. 6 after nearly 17 hours in the air. For those passengers, that’s as long as watching six football games, or 34 half-hour television episodes.

The plus side? With the wind currents, a flight headed to Auckland is actually only about 16.5 hours. But if you’re heading from Auckland to Qatar, be ready for a flight can exceed 17 hours.

Historically, very long flights have been a gamble for airlines. Low ticket sales have led to some ultra-long flights being eliminated in the past, notes the Christian Science Monitor.

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