Behold Our Mighty Infographic Fellow Travelers

Last week we brought you what is arguably the greatest infographic on Mobile Dependence ever created. Capturing the hearts and minds of readers across the internet, it’s clear that we’ve stumbled upon a hot button issue in the world of business travel. With that in mind, we decided a little follow-up was in order.

The debate about whether we, as a species, have grown TOO attached to our mobile devices will continue until people begin to get them implanted into their bodies and everyone finally agree’s that enough is enough…bring back the Google Glasses!

While we tried to remain impartial in our exposition of the data we gathered, it’s hard not to feel like a growing dependence on ANYTHING that is not essential to survival (food, water, wi-fi, etc.) can be seen in a positive light. However, such is not the case with mobile technology, as the reasons for why we have grown so dependent upon it are the same reasons why it was created in the first place, i.e. to make life “easier.”

For business travelers this is especially true. Airline app‘s make rushing through terminals only to discover a flight has been delayed a thing of the past. Mobile translation app’s help lessen the culture shock of being in a foreign country. In fact, just about every conceivable need a business traveler may have is covered by their smart phone in one way or another, so it stands to reason that this specific group would be the most entrenched in their tech addictions. The question that remains, then, is how much is too much?

Well, considering that there are already “digital detox” vacations being made available (complete with in-house therapists to assist guests in coping with life without a phone), the answer is apparently all or nothing. When people begin to sacrifice their personal health in the name of being overly-connected and can’t even leave their bed in the mornings without checking in on their phones, it’s time for a change. In ancient times, circa the year 1997, life was hard. Before apps, before iPhones, before….Yelp! But we persevered, knowing that a brighter future was on the horizon, and now that it’s here, it’s time to stop constantly looking forward to what’s next and taking the time appreciate what is now.

Planning a vacation based on the desire for a “digital detox” may seem a bit ridiculous in practice because the power to disconnect yourself from the digital world is always, you know, in your hands and all. But the inherent philosophy behind it remains sound. The only true test of whether you’re “too connected” exists within the user themselves. Most of us know what life was like before these smart phone things, and despite all the benefits, we know when we’ve crossed over the line into addiction territory. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing the tools at your disposal, however, never let yourself reach the point where you could never imagine life without one.

Image: Penraker