Off-Campus Housing in LA

It’s that time of year again, when college students throughout LA flock to campuses and surrounding neighborhoods looking for a new home for the school year. Freshmen usually choose the dorms, and those further along in their college careers often stop returning home for the summers and have established homes and resources by campus. But what about the second year students? The ones who’ve completed their year in the dorms, went home for summer, and now need a place? Here are some tips for finding college student housing in the LA area.


This is so common, it’s practically a rite of passage! Message boards such as Craigslist or campus listings are a great place to find potential roommates for the year. Some arrangements are new, so everyone moves in together and signs a lease together, and other arrangements are more like renting a room. Living with roommates, while at times frustrating or unpleasant, is a great way to save on rent costs, as well as slowly accumulate your own furnishings and kitchen supplies.

Studio Apartments

For students used to living in the confines of a dorm room, a 300 square foot studio can feel like a palace! A studio apartment can offer privacy and personal space that living with roommates doesn’t. For students who want to prioritize quiet living, or who just aren’t comfortable living with others, a studio can be the best, lower-cost off-campus housing option available.

Long-term Temporary Housing

Another Los Angeles college student housing option you might not think of at first is long-term corporate housing. This is an especially good option for students who will be attending one semester and not a full year, as most leases require at least a one year commitment. As an additional bonus, long term rentals are usually furnished with everything you need, including bedding, furniture, and kitchen supplies. PC Housing has a number of options in the LA area that are ideal for students.

Students from UCLA, USC, and other LA area colleges all going to be swooping up the affordable off-campus housing options in the coming weeks, so make sure you do your research and act fast!

Image: Flickr