In the seemingly endless parade of mobile technology upgrades we’ve seen throughout the last decade, choosing which one to purchase and hand your e-mail/schedule/social-media/life/etc. over to has to be the toughest decision for the discerning business traveler. Do you want the hip, sleek design of the iPhone or the more rugged yet functional Droid? Do you even have room in your briefcase for an iPad, and will you likely just end up watching Netflix during long meetings if you do? Worry not weary travelers, for we have entrenched ourselves in researching the best mobile devices for you based on a complicated metric that accounts for how lazy/unorganized you are as well as how easily distracted you can be when confronted with limitless time wasting features. Read on and discover what we think works best for you!

HTC Droid Incredible 2: The “I get things done but still like to have fun”

While the original Droid that was released last year made a solid statement and claimed a fair share of
the mobile market, it didn’t have that “it” factor to topple the death-grip the iPhone holds over consumers. A few tweaks and several editions later we now have the Droid Incredible 2, sporting a sleeker design, improved interface, and more intuitive features. While the Incredible doesn’t offer too much in the way of groundbreaking technology, what it does do is sharpen the existing ones to razor sharp efficiency. Thanks in large to the HTC Sense operating system, the Incredible 2 features an extremely intuitive and streamlined interface that allows you to sync up your g-mail, google calendar, and social media contacts automatically. In doing so, the Droid Incredible makes accessing a great deal of information quick and simple by packing it all together for you. It also features global roaming, which is pretty much essential when traveling internationally (and gives it the leg up on the iPhone which lacks this great feature). While the Android market still leaves a bit to be desired, there is a fair amount of quality apps available compared to previous editions. With a camera capable of extremely high quality photos and video as well as a solid battery life, the Droid Incredible 2 is perfect for those of us who need our lives sync’d automatically and efficiently but use the free time it leaves us to play Angry Birds.

Apple iPhone 4: The “my phone is my life, but isn’t it AWESOME?!”

Ok, so if you don’t know anything about the iPhone at this point, there’s not much we can do to shed light into the box in the basement you’ve been living in. Seriously. But for those who are in the know but don’t know anything, we’re here to narrow down the best business-friendly features of Apple’s one stop shop. First up is the mobile hot-spot, which allows up to 5 different users to access the web via a wireless connection. Both AT&T and Verizon offer this option for a few extra bucks a month, and whether out to lunch, at a coffee shop, or meeting in the woods, this can be an essential feature for the business traveler. When it really comes down to it, the iPhone 4 is still the same great tool that we’ve all seen or heard about, with the signature Apple trademarks such as iTunes access, iPod player, and a considerably more efficient and robust app selection than the Android market. While it seems like everyone has something Apple these days, the mobile market is considerably more competitive and diverse than it was all those years ago (4 to be exact) when the iPhone made its debut. The iPhone is no longer the be all end all of mobile technology so if you’re not looking to sign your life away to Mr. Jobs and the Apple Corp. just yet, consider some of the less flashy yet functional options out there.

Apple iPad 2: The “who am I kidding? I’m here to party”

Last but not least is the iPad 2, the (duh) second edition of Apple’s flashy tablet. Why is this even here if it’s not truly a “mobile device?” Well, it’s because the true business traveler is an expert time killer. Airport layovers, delayed meeting starts, and empty hours in a lonely hotel room are no strangers to the weary business person. With that in mind the iPad is a perfect companion for the road warrior. One of the major business-friendly features is the FaceTime video chat app. While this comes standard with many Apple products, the iPad’s larger, crisper screen display allows for an unmatched connection to keep the ones you love close while you’re away. Another great feature is the HDMI AV output compatibility, which when combined with your streaming Netflix account, can turn any hotel room into your personal home theater. Then there’s the apps, oh yes, the apps. The previously mentioned Netflix Instant, as well as iBooks and other notable publications have all jumped on board with Apple and offer iPad specific apps that give you access to thousands of formerly print-only sources. Additionally, the hardware under the hood is capable of supporting some pretty graphics heavy gaming options for the inner-nerd in all of us. Basically, the iPad falls somewhere between a laptop and a mobile phone, but does it so wonderfully that it may just be the perfect complement to the quiver of the heavy traveler.

These are only a few of the many mobile options out there for the business traveler. Luckily, there seems to be something to fit just about anyone’s professional style, whether that be pure function and ease of access or an all inclusive media powerhouse that does everything from manage your meetings to set your house alarm and check you into your Corporate Housing Apartment. Chime in with some other suggestions about what your personal preference is and why!

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