Business travel with coworkers can be a really fun experience. Seriously, if done right, going on a business trip with colleagues can actually be a good time to bond with people you’ve only seen in an office setting. However, if done poorly, traveling with coworkers can lead to friction that ruins your trip and can easily find its way back into the office long after the trip ends. But don’t worry about that happening once you’ve read this article, here are 5 easy tips on how to stay sane when you travel with coworkers.

How to Travel with Coworkers (and Stay Sane) | PC Housing

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Sit Separately

Flying for a business trip can bring out the grumpiness in anyone. That’s why it’s always a good idea to politely tell your coworkers that you prefer some alone time on the plane. That way you can sit back, relax (or get work done, depending on your style), and you don’t have to worry about making small talk with your coworkers who might not be in the best mood either. You’ll have enough time to spend with them once you get where you’re going, so don’t feel the pressure to socialize on the plane.

Figure Out Expenses Ahead of Time

Money problems can be a real source of friction on a business trip, especially when you are travelling with a coworker that has more or less seniority than you. That’s why you should make sure you are well acquainted with your company’s expensing policy, so there are no nasty surprises when something doesn’t get reimbursed. Also, don’t pressure your coworkers to spend more money than they’re comfortable spending if you know they won’t be reimbursed.

Be Social, But Not Too Social

Business trips can be great times to forge bonds with your coworkers that you would have never made in the office. So go ahead and be social and get to know your fellow coworkers, maybe even let loose a little. The better you get to know your coworkers while traveling, the better your relationship will be once you get back to the office. Just be careful about over-sharing and getting into uncomfortable conversations about inappropriate topics that can lead to tension.

Don’t Overindulge

Somewhat related to not over-sharing, is the fact that you should enjoy yourself but not too much when you’re on a business trip. You’re not on vacation or hanging out with friends (although sometimes it might feel that way), so overindulging in alcohol or anything else is always a bad decision. You don’t want to undermine your business reputation or find yourself regretting what you said or did when you had a bit too much to drink.

Take Time for Yourself

Most importantly, a great way to stay sane when traveling with your coworkers is to simply not spend every single second of your trip with them. Draw some boundaries and take some time just for yourself. If it’s a longer trip, take an entire night just to spend on your own so you don’t end up getting tired of your travel partners. If you can’t get an entire night free, even a few hours here and there will make a big difference in your mood, because you’ll actually have a chance to switch off.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to a tension-free and perhaps even fun business trip with your coworkers. And if you really want to elevate your business trip, try staying in a fully furnished apartment for business travelers at PC Housing. With properties all over the United States, you’ll be sure to love where you stay no matter where you are. Contact us at PC Housing today to find out more.