Jose Laurel is the director of Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) at G&A Partners.

With a diverse work background that spans several countries, Jose is now operating out of Houston, Texas, helping companies become the best they can be. One of Jose’s areas of specialty lies within devising strategy to acquire and keep excellent employees. He sat down for April’s edition of our HR Insider podcast to share his advice for any company looking to become better in employee acquisition. Read on to discover how your business can reap the benefits, straight from the words of Jose.

“Today’s worker is looking for a great deal more than in the past. Work today must have meaning. People must get up that morning and realize that what they’re going to do is going to matter. My father grew up in a generation where he loaded up his lunch pail every morning, went in, made something, knew who his employer was for 20 years, knew what to expect. That environment no longer exists. That has created a lot of challenges for companies who want to grow. Furthermore, not every company can do the things that Google, Apple, or Exxon Mobile can do to have the ultimate large brand that attracts the greatest and best talent available.”

“In order for other companies to be competitive, they have to really identify their brand. What is it that is unique to them? What is going to attract that talented employee that’s coming out of a great college or a two-year program? Develop a strategy one and work with professionals that can help you identify and promote your brand. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there. Everyone, particularly small and mid-sized family-owned businesses, have a wonderful story to tell and that story is often lost because people dismiss how important it is to have a brand.”

“Offer individuals very unique things. Believe it or not, it’s not always about the money. Now it’s about a work environment. Do you provide career pathing? Do you provide a good benefits plan? Do you provide support and continuing education? Today’s worker wants all of those things. And, yes, of course, you have to be competitive when it comes to salary, but if everybody is competitive when it comes to salary, how do you then distinguish yourself and acquire the best talent available?

“As we talked about the difficulty in attracting great talent, it is doubly difficult to retain that talent. For those seeking a job, it’s important to ask the questions of, ‘What can that manager do for me? How can that manager help me develop to be better – not just professionally but personally?’ Ask those questions, even in interviews. It is no way arrogant or out of place. And if that manager cannot answer those questions, then you may want to consider the next opportunity and see if that is a better fit for you.”

Always look at how you can improve, how you can become the next big thing. As long as you do that, you keep your employees engaged, you stay at the top of the game, you stay competitive, you’re implementing new technologies. All of these things help you establish a culture where people want to be. That should be the goal of every executive, every business owner. Whatever it is that you’re doing out there, whatever it is that you’re making, always look at it as a holistic strategy.”

People are not just a part of your company. At the end of the day, your computers stay, your hardware is there, your laptops are there, but guess what? The most important part of your organization walks out at 5:00 or 5:30 every day, and that is that human capital. So as you continue to develop your businesses, continue to grow and do great things, always consider these elements and always consider the significance and importance of developing that human capital.”

If you want to reach out to Jose with any questions or comments, feel free to email him at or call his office at 713-784-1181.

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