There is only one thing worse than paying too much for an expensive plane ticket. That’s realizing that the price for the same exact ticket has dropped after you’ve bought it. Airlines and flight websites have a huge set of tricks up their sleeve to make sure that you pay the most for your flights without even realizing it.

That ends now. It’s time to fight back against expensive airline tickets. So get ready, set, and fly for less with these simple hacks to help you find the cheapest airline tickets out there.

Ready, Set, Fly For Less: Find the Cheapest Airline Tickets | PC Housing

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Wait, Wait, Wait…Now Book


One of the biggest ways to save money on your flight is often the most overlooked. Many people just go ahead and buy their airline tickets as soon as they’ve decided to go somewhere. Don’t do this. If you book your tickets too early then you’ll miss out on all the discounted fares the airline will offer later, usually costing you an extra $50 per ticket, according to experts.

So when should you book? About 47 days before you want to fly. A study by determined that, on average, the 47th day before a flight was the cheapest day to buy tickets. Just make sure not to wait too long either, as airfare usually skyrockets in the weeks leading up to takeoff.

Fly on Off-Days


The weekend is for suckers. Or at least when it comes to buying the cheapest airline tickets. Flying on Fridays and Sundays is the most convenient for those weekend getaways, which is why tickets for flights on these days are usually the most expensive. Thursdays and Mondays aren’t that much better if you’re looking to beat the system. That means that, if you want the cheapest airline tickets you better fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday to take advantage of the lower demand and lower prices.

Clear Those Cookies


Much like Big Brother, airline websites can see what you’re doing. Well they can’t see everything you’re doing, but they can track your actions on their websites using cookies. Airlines use these online cookies in a tactic they call “dynamic pricing” that changes the price shown to customers based on their online activity. That means that oftentimes, they’ll increase the price on a flight you’ve been searching recently to compel you to buy before it rises again.

Before you get fooled by this, clear your browser’s cookies and internet history (just to be safe) and try your search again. While this doesn’t work 100% of the time, it’s worth a chance because it could save you big time.

Use the Right Tools


Half the battle when it comes to buying the cheapest airline tickets is using the right tools and websites to book your flights. Don’t just log onto the airline’s website and expect to find the best deals when there are so many tools out there to help you find the cheapest flight easily. Some of our favorite online tools are:


With these tips, you’re well on your way to never paying too much for an airline ticket again. And once you get where you’re going, keep making good decisions and stay in your own luxury vacation rental instead of another boring hotel. Or if you’re travelling for business, our corporate housing options is second to none. Contact us today at PC Housing to find out more.