If you’re on the road (or in the air) a lot for business, you probably have moments in a hotel or airport where you find yourself looking for something to read. It’s a nice break from work, work, work all the time. There are some well-written, useful blogs out there geared toward business travelers that can help you plan your trips or just keep you entertained. Here are some business travel blogs you need to check out.

Frequent Business Traveler

Simple name, but a super-detailed blog. If the title of this blog sounds like you, then you need to be reading it. The contributing bloggers are all travel writers by trade, so you know you’re getting professionalism.

This business travel blog is broken up into ideal sections, including one for air travel, one for road travel and one for hotel-focused blog posts. The blog’s Destination Guides are an encyclopedia of travel knowledge that’s geared toward business travelers like yourself. So whether you’re looking to learn about new rewards programs from the companies you use or you want to read hotel reviews, this is the blog for you.

hotel room

Road Warriorette

This blog is all about being on the road for work. Road Warriorette offers a welcome female spin on travel-related subjects (such as dresses ideal for fall business travel, for instance). However, it’s not all female-oriented: We can all benefit from finding out about deals on luggage, and this guide to packing for a business trip can help make sure you don’t forget anything.

Road Warriorette will occasionally answer questions submitted by readers, so if you’re curious for her take on something, ask away.

Stuck at the Airport

We love Stuck at the Airport because, well, we spend a lot of time stuck at the airport. Whether you’re looking to eat, drink, shop, lounge or browse art at the airport, this blog has you covered. When a beautiful new terminal opens at a major airport, you’ll find out about it here, along with what you can expect the next time you pass through. Every now and then, they highlight a museum exhibit at an airport, like a weird Ouija board exhibit at SFO.

Most of the posts are useful, but some are just downright interesting — such as this one on the history of the moving walkways we see in most big airports. Did you know such devices first appeared 125 years ago?

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Melting Butter

We all need to eat on the road, so why not make sure it’s super tasty? Checking out new restaurants — whether for happy hour, a quick bite or a business lunch — is a fun part of traveling. Melting Butter makes it easy to find delicious locations in the places you visit. They also offer great reviews and recommendations for nightspots and hotels.

Melting Butter profiles classy places around the world all the time, so your best bet is to start with their Destination page and see what they’ve written about where you’re headed next.

We’re PC Housing, and we also have a blog devoted to business travel that you should be reading.

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