When it comes to airports, most of the time people treat them as a necessary evil of travel. Long lines, public bathrooms, and Muzak don’t typically lend a sense of serenity to the traveler.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are a multitude of airports that cater to the business and pleasure traveler by providing exceptional dining, comfortable lounges, and other perks to enjoy while you hop from place to place. If you’re planning on jet-setting somewhere in the future, don’t miss these amazing American airports for long layovers.

Beautiful interior design at SFO

Image: Flickr

If you’re looking to stretch out and relax a bit, the San Francisco International Airport is the place for you. Terminal 2 comes equipped with a full-sized yoga room, reflection room, and a list of museums that’s longer than most cities. Stop by the Aviation Museum & Library in the terminal Main Hall, an interactive children’s area called Kid’s Spot, several art exhibits scattered throughout every terminal. The exhibits are always rotating and feature some of the best art in San Francisco.

The John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City is an airport that is constantly reinventing itself. The Jet Blue Terminal is filled with high-end artisans like Aeronouva, and French bistro Brasserie La Vie. There is also free Wi-Fi in Terminal 5 and the Delta Terminal has famous eateries Blue Smoke on the Road and La Brea Bakery.

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has enough meeting rooms at their conference center to be confused for a major multinational corporation. With over seven meeting rooms (including one that tops 2,700 square feet), the airport is a perfect place to conduct some quick business between flights. The dining options at Sea-Tac perfectly reflect the seafood-inspired cuisine of the Northwest. Stop by Anthony’s Restaurant and Fish Bar or Ivar’s Fish bar for some tasty samplings of the local fare.

One airport that’s consistently mentioned as a premiere layover stop is the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport. The airport is so well known for its eclectic vendors that it has downloadable coupons for its stores! Topping the list of other notable attractions at MSP are a 1.4 mile-long walking track, three spas, a couple of arcades and over 25 full-service dining options. Not just an exciting stopover destination for humans, the airport is also home to a 24-hour pet hotel that luxuriously serves all of your furry friends needs.

When you travel for business (or pleasure, for that matter), there’s no reason why the journey can’t be as comfortable as the destination. Keep these destinations in mind the next time you’re booking a flight, and enjoy the comforts!