If you’re reading this, you probably travel a lot, which means you’re no stranger to airports. For many business travelers, the airport experience is just a part of the job. But that doesn’t mean it’s always fun. While you won’t find an airport anywhere without a security line, you can find airports with amenities and attractions more akin to a nightclub or a country club than an airport. Here are some airports that are frequently named among the best airports in the world.

Changi International Airport, Singapore

GQ has named Singapore’s main hub the top airport in the world for the past four years straight, and it’s not hard to see why. Try naming a place where you can find all of these things under one roof:

  • Free 24-hour movie theater
  • Four-story-tall corkscrew slide
  • Free video game lounges
  • Massage parlors
  • Five themed gardens (one of which is home to 1,000 butterflies)
  • Several pools

Not bad for an airport in a nation that’s just a quarter the size of Rhode Island.

airport flight status screen

Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

The airport in Seoul is a shopper’s paradise, home to six floors of duty-free shopping that spans nearly half a million square meters of floor space, including high-end shops, such as Louis Vuitton’s first-ever airport location.

But if shopping isn’t quite your thing, this airport still has you covered. You can hit the 18-hole golf course, try your luck at the 24-hour casino or skate on the ice rink at the airport.

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Munich International Airport, Munich, Germany

It’s been dubbed “a new breed of super airport” — an upscale, stylish, amenity-rich transport hub based around creating an “experience.” The lobby to the airport hotel is a glass, cathedral-style chamber with plants and palm trees rising eight stories high. The day spa is certainly worth a visit, as is the on-site brewery — the first of its kind within an airport, which is very fitting when you consider that Oktoberfest is centered in Munich. So grab a delicious German beer, sit back and relax away the stress of travel.

people at airport

Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai’s airport now sees more international travel than any other airport in the world, a title long held by London’s Heathrow. As you would expect from one of the richest cities of the world, traveling through the airport is a high-class experience, particularly in Terminal 3 — the largest airport terminal in the world.  In addition to world-class, tax-free retail shopping and extensive dining options, it’s home to three separate spas and two Zen gardens, all spread across a whopping 18.5 million square feet of floor space.

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Occupying a manmade island, Hong Kong International offers travelers sweeping waterside views of the South China Sea and its islands. Shopping options run the range from Bose and Cartier to an entire M&M store (!). Also on the plus side: the airport always does well in customer satisfaction rankings, so while that doesn’t guarantee a great experience, it certainly helps the odds.

The 24-hour, free movie theater is an IMAX theater, so no complaints there. Not only are there nine holes of golf on site, but the course is approved by the U.S. Golf Association — not always easy to find overseas. There’s also a full pro shop if you’re looking to add to your club set.


No one travels because of the airports, but the entire travel experience is a better one when you enjoy your time at the airport, not stress over it or sit bored in the terminal.

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