Atlanta is the hub of the southeastern U.S. — a great blend of Old Southern hospitality and urban modernism. It’s also home to some great museums, so if you find yourself with some free time, here are a few Atlanta museums to check out on your next visit.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

On the somber side, this 35-acre site is the childhood home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It also includes Ebenezer Baptist Church, the house of worship where both King and his father preached. Beside the church lies the tomb of the famed civil rights icon, and numerous other tributes and museums honor the American Civil Rights Movement and King’s role as a leader within the site.

This National Historic Site is located just east of Downtown across I-85.

coca-cola museum in atlanta

World of Coca-Cola

You might know that Atlanta is home to the world-famous Coca-Cola Company. You definitely know what Coca-Cola tastes like. But have you ever had the company’s raspberry cream soda, Sparletta Sparberry? You probably haven’t, because it’s only sold in parts of Africa.

It’s just one of dozens of obscure beverages you can try at World of Coca-Cola, the beverage giant’s museum that pays tribute to the history of one of America’s favorite refreshments. You can also learn about the development of the company’s “secret formula” for its signature beverage, which is locked in a vault.

The Atlanta Cyclorama

Despite what the name might suggest, this is not a bicycling party. It’s a unique look at Civil War history, told through a 360-degree painting called a cyclorama. As visitors sit in their seats, the painting slowly spins around them, telling a visual story of Georgia’s role in the Civil War. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of art, history or both.

One catch: in 2015, the Cyclorama was taken down from its location in Grant Park and moved to the Atlanta History Center in the city’s Buckhead neighborhood. It hasn’t re-opened to the public yet, but the doors will be open to visitors sometime in 2017. Keep your eye out for it.

confederate civil war history

Of course, there are many more Atlanta museums worth a visit. For collegiate sports fans, there’s the College Football Hall of Fame. Aviation fanatics will love the Delta Flight Museum, and there’s also proud Georgian Jimmy Carter’s presidential library, among many others great Atlanta museums.

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