According to Ascend Aviation’s 2011 Corporate Travel Survey, “Greater efficiency in check in and pre-flight services” is the #1 element of air travel that has gotten better over the last two years. You may have noticed a change in the air (ha!) as well. What is it that’s driving large airline providers to improve their services, and how can you take advantage of these changes to improve your own corporate travel experience? Read on, fellow travelers, as we dissect the tools of the trade that the travel elite are using to smoothly move about the country.

Are Passengers Pleased?

The Ascend report reveals that “70% of those surveyed agree Airlines are using the internet effectively for the benefit of business passengers.” Utilizing the features of your mobile device to navigate new cities is a no-brainer for most seasoned road warriors, however, for the uninformed masses we thought we would include a few of the savviest app’s on the market for keeping it together abroad.

Apple iTunes Store Top 10 Travel Apps

1. Google Earth
2. Yelp
3. Lonely Planet Prague City Guide
5. Urbanspoon
6. Southwest Airlines
7. American Airlines
9. Lonely Planet Melbourne City Guide
10. Fly Delta

It’s apparent that the airlines are doing something right, nabbing 3 of the top 10 spots. Each app features up the minute updates on everything from flight status to weather conditions in your destination city. The app for Southwest allows you to make car rental reservations, Delta’s offers the ability to download mobile boarding passes and rebook canceled or misconnected flights, and American lets you view personal flight details including your gate, seat and flight status info at a glance.

As more and more people worldwide are going online via their always connected mobile devices, it’s clear that the travel industry is listening.  The app’s offered by the airline’s are free to download and will surely continue to feature new and improved functionality as more people begin to take advantage of all they have to offer. Why waste that precious time standing in check-in lines, only to discover your flight has been delayed or cancelled when you could have simply checked it out in the cab on the way over and avoided hours sitting in a crowded terminal?  Just don’t forget your friends at PC Housing the next time you avoid wasting precious time with your handy travel apps!

Image: Mobitary