Airline Hacks: How to Pack with Security in Mind | San Diego, CA | PC Housing

If you’re flying somewhere, you’re going to go through a security check. For some reason, the vast majority of people seem to deny this fact until the last moment—it’s baffling why so few plan accordingly. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you breeze through your next encounter with the TSA (or whichever international equivalent you’re to be scrutinized by).

Airline Hack #1: Make Your Laptop its own Unit

Security protocol is to scan laptops and other large electronics separate from other luggage. To prep for this, invest in a nice laptop case and have it nestled within easy reach.

Airline Hack #2: Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Liquids are a no-go when it comes to security checks. Save yourself (and your friendly-yet-bedraggled security workers) the trouble of emptying your bottle. Bring a canteen or other receptacle and fill it up once you’ve made it to the other side!

Airline Hack #3: Pack Your Own Zip-Locs

This advice aligns with the previous airline hack, but only because it deals with liquids. You can carry liquids as long as they’re in a small enough volume and they’re sealed within a resealable plastic bag. If the TSA should run out, you’ll save yourself a lot of time (and toiletries).

Airline Hack #4: Don’t Wear Complex Shoes

Look—you’re going to have to take off your shoes at the checkpoint. That’s just how it is. Do yourself a favor and leave your omni-lace foot contraptions at home. Sandals will do just fine. (P.S. The same applies to your belt. Wear one that’s easy to slip on and off, or one that won’t set off a metal detector).

Airline Hack #5: Favor the Leftmost Checkpoint

Most people are right-handed. Studies have shown that right-handed people tend to turn right first. It’s surprising how much time you can save yourself by veering left once you’re able.

Airline Hack #6: Fly Red-Eye

Okay, so this is more general airline advice than a specific security hack. But for the same reason you wouldn’t want to drive through Los Angeles during peak traffic times, avoiding daytime flights is a good call. If you can handle it, book your flight for after 10 p.m.—you’ll skip the majority of the bustle, and you can sleep your flight away!

There you have them, 6 tips to make your next encounter with airline security more palatable. For a better experience at your destination, consider skipping the hassle of hotels and staying at a luxury vacation rental. PC Housing has units across the country—reach out to us today!