5 Reasons to Avoid the Hassle of Hotels On Your Next Trip | PC Housing, San Diego

Hotels are the norm for travelers, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with their hassles. There are so many new ways to live well when you travel—don’t settle! Here are 5 reasons to consider alternative housing options next time you’re out of town.

Neighborly Noise

Neighbors aren’t always a nuisance. When the only thing separating you is a thin wall, however, problems are bound to arise. For instance, not everyone’s bedtimes line up. Your wind-down time might coincide with your neighbor’s favorite game show. You never know—that kindly old lady in 412B might be the most vocal fan of Family Feud to have ever existed. Raucous children, addlepated late-night arrivals, and other unseemly nighttime sounds are better left unheard.

The Dreaded Check-In

We don’t know about you, but after a long day of travel, retreating to a private, comfortable room is our foremost concern. Unfortunately, between you and your hotel room is the check-in clerk. While we’ve talked to thousands of friendly folk in that position, they’re probably as fried as you are. We prefer things to be pre-arranged—nothing’s nicer than sliding into your room without a hitch.

Upsells at Every Turn

Hotel rooms remind us of the temples you see in Indiana Jones. There seems to be clandestine pressure plates beneath every towel and soap bar—booby traps wired directly to our wallets. It’s frustrating when knocking over a pre-placed water bottle can earn you a hefty service charge. While it’s okay to be in the business of making money, we like when it’s not our problem.

Free Wi-Fi? More Like “Free” Wi-Fi

Wireless internet is a huge selling point these days—everybody needs a connection to get work done and stay entertained. Unfortunately, many hotels have yet to receive the memo that complimentary wi-fi is the way to go. This poses travellers with a shoddy choice: pay for internet in your room, or trek to the nearest source of free wifi.

Not-so-Deep Cleaning

Hotels are, by nature, transient spaces. That means a lot of human bodies reside in any given room across its service time. While it’s easiest to just not think about this, we can’t help but be a bit miffed about sharing the a bed with the thousands who slept in it before us. We have nothing but respect for the cleaning staff, but they have to clean the same rooms every day. There’s always room for complacency to grow, and we’d rather our hygiene not suffer for it.


If you’re ready to move past the hassle of hotels, we have good news. PC Housing offers premier luxury vacation rentals across the country (and in Canada!). We offer private rooms and uncompromising service. You can even reserve a unit online to make your housing experience a breeze! Get in touch with us today.