Two of the worst things about travel are lugging around heavy bags and airline baggage fees. Well, it’s time to kill two birds with one stone simply by learning to pack a little lighter so you can make travelling so much better. Here are our 5 easy tips for lightning the load and packing lighter on your next vacation.

5 Easy Tips for Packing Lighter | PC Housing

1. Get Rolling

If you’re not already rolling your clothes when you pack, you should start ASAP. Rolling clothes is an easy way to save lots of space, an essential part of packing lighter, especially if you’re bringing a smaller suitcase. Another tip to make rolling even better is to use rubber bands or velcro straps to make sure those clothes stay nice and small. Bringing a bottle of wrinkle remover will allow you to make sure your clothes still look great once you unroll them.


2. Start Early

Rushed packing is very often bad packing and overpacking. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have time to lay everything you want to bring before you pack and have the time to really think about what you want to bring vs. what you need to bring on your trip. So make sure that you’re packed and ready to go 24-hours before you leave to avoid day-of packing.


3. Bring Clothing That Multi-Tasks

To make sure that you’re bringing the least amount of clothes possible, think about what each piece of clothing does and whether you can use it more than once. For example, can that t-shirt you like to wear to bed double as a workout shirt? If so, then that’s one more thing that you can leave at home. By taking versatile and reusable clothes, you can significantly cut down on what you need to bring and pack much lighter overall.


4. Cut Down on Shoes

For most people, shoes are the bulkiest item that they are packing in their suitcases. That’s why an easy way to pack lighter is to simply bring fewer pairs of shoes. Two pairs of shoes is usually enough to get through a trip, and will significantly lighten your load. Bring a pair of casual shoes and a pair of dress shoes and you should be good to go.


5. Buy Carry-On Friendly Bags

Last, but not least, you should really pay attention to what kind of luggage you are buying as it has a huge impact on how you pack. Most people will end up completely filling whatever bag they have, so make sure you buy a bag that fits inside the carry-on restrictions no matter how full it is. Plus by buying a smaller bag, you’ll be much more likely to pack lighter.

With these tips, you’ll be light on your feet whenever you get to your final destination. That’ll make it all the easier for you to get settled in your luxurious vacation rental no matter where you are. With furnished apartment vacation rentals across the country to choose from, PC Housing is the best choice for smart vacationers in the USA. Contact us today to find out more.