4 You Need a San Diego Vacation This Summer | PC Housing

Summer is an exciting season—we wish it could last forever.

Alas, we must use its limited time frame wisely. As you arrange your summer plans over the coming weeks, you’re bound to encounter some tough decisions. On that front, we have good news: a San Diego vacation is an easy choice, and we can tell you why.

A San Diego Vacation = Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

It’s no secret that San Diego has an enviable coastline—17 miles of it, in fact. That said, it is hard to visualize this without seeing it firsthand. There are of course the iconic beaches: Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Windansea, La Jolla Shore/Cove, and Black’s Beach (one of the largest nude beaches in the U.S.). Dotting the coast between these big names are too many local gems to count. If sand and sun are your motives this summer, you should start planning your San Diego vacation now.

Cabana Living By Day, City Fun By Night

Settling on a summer vacation usually requires a tradeoff—do you want the laid-back beach life, or the bustling nightlife of a metropolis? San Diego gives you both. Its oceanside communities are low-to-the-ground and festooned with beachy decor—perfect for days spent in sun-soaked nirvanna. On the flip side, San Diego boasts plenty of party-worthy neighborhoods, including the famous Gaslamp Quarter. You have the freedom to live the beach-bum life by day and still get rowdy when the sun goes down.

Mexi-Cali Food Will Recalibrate Your Tongue

Once you’ve tasted a California Burrito, there’s no going back to fast food chains. San Diego’s proximity to the Mexican border and beachy culture makes it a one-of-a-kind breeding ground for an extraordinary type of food: Mexi-Cali fusion. This tradition takes what Mexican fare does right—savory meat and piquant sauces contained within a glorious tortilla—and mixes it with everything Southern California. Avocado. French Fries. Sour Cream. Sunshine and seawater. Et Infinitum.

Day Trips Worth Taking In Every Direction

As much as you may want to, you shouldn’t beach it every day. There’s simply too much to do! From the world-famous San Diego Zoo to Palm Springs to the myriad wonders of Los Angeles, there are enough day trips to keep you busy for a lifetime—take it from a local. You can check out some of our favorite local gems, or even trek down into Mexico for a country’s worth of new experiences.

Admit it—you’re fixing to take a San Diego vacation. The promise of sublime Mexican food alone would have convinced us. Even if you choose to take your summer plans elsewhere, don’t make hotels a part of them. Luxury vacation rentals give you the freedom of home-living no matter where you go. PC Housing has properties across the U.S. and Canada—reach out to us today!