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"PC Housing is a valued service partner of Relocation Coordinates. As a company that prides itself on customer service, our team recognizes it when we see it. The consistent quality of housing, staff responsiveness, and overall flexibility reflect the service values that our experienced clients demand. Our team appreciates the peace of mind that comes with working with PC Housing – we know that our clients will be well taken care of."
Rocky Campbell
Chief Operations Officer
Relocation Coordinates, Inc.
"I have relocated six times and worked with many relocation and temporary housing agents. This was the best experience so far! The service and courtesy shown throughout made the whole experience a pleasure. No request was too much and everything was done to ensure our stay was a success. From my experience, I would trust PC Housing more than anybody else to provide a service that nobody could fault."
Brian O'Callaghan
President and CEO
"The PC Housing staff are true professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in temporary housing management. They exhibit attention to detail, compassion for people who are relocating and do everything they can to ensure their clients receive a smooth transition into a corporate apartment. Anyone who is in need of temporary housing should not hesitate to contact PC Housing for assistance. They will not be disappointed and will enjoy working with them as much as I do."
Sue Harrington
Relocations West

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