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Corporate Apartments

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you in between homes? Does your work require frequent travel?

Corporate Apartments are not for just one type of traveler or circumstance. Regardless as to the reason temporary housing is needed, we can help! PC Housing provides Corporate Apartments Nationwide and we work with individuals and companies alike.

Our apartments, condominiums, and homes are furnished and accessorized with all bed and bath linens, a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortably set bedroom, all utilities, cable, local telephone service, high speed internet, and parking. Most of our accommodations even come with a washer and dryer. Housekeeping is also available.

Corporate Apartments can be compared to a hotel in the sense that they are temporary and you can arrive with just your bags in hand. However, they really offer so much more and if comparing on a cost per square footage basis, are a much better value.

If you still have questions or would like to make a reservation, please do not hesitate contact us at 1.800.447.2742 or It is our pleasure to assist in anyway we can!

At PC Housing, the process is simple, whether you have an immediate need or would like to set something up well in advance.

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