If a move to the Washington, DC area is in your near future, and it might just be especially with the way the economy is booming the way it is, there are a few questions you’ll need ask yourself before you jump in your car, on a bus, plane or train. A lot of decisions need to be made, and when you’ve decided the answers you might just need corporate housing Washington DC.

Here’s a list of Questions:

1.) Will you be in Washington, DC temporarily? or long-term?
2.) Do you plan to live alone, moving here with someone, or planning to find a roommate.
3.) How much can you afford? Generally speaking it should be roughly 25% of your income.
4.) Will you have a vehicle or will you need to be near public transportation?
5.) What about neighborhood amenities like; laundry, grocery, dry cleaners, doctor, drug store, coffee shop, church?
6.) How close would you like to live to work?

You should also keep the following in mind. The closer you are to the metropolitan DC, the more expensive housing will cost, but living in beautiful, safe surrounding areas like Northwest DC, Virginia, or Maryland near a metro stop will help keep that cost lower. Of course the commute to work, if you work in Metro DC, will be longer but you’ll save a bundle.