Usually designed to be temporary or short-term, corporate housing San Diego, can range for extended stays – sometimes three to nine months. Fully furnished and located in the heart of the city, helps afford the renter the feeling of home comforts. Depending on the length of the stay, a number of people bring prized personal belongings, and even invite their families if the stay is extended.

Because a lot of corporate housing is located in heart of the city, it eliminates the challenges of a commute, trying to find restaurants, and shopping and nightlife entertainment can be at your fingertips. And speaking of shopping, the ideal long-term renter is most often not someone who eats out every night, so going out the local supermarket, buying food and bringing it home to cook is very common.

Who would use corporate housing? Well, sometimes business cannot be handled during a weekend seminar or even a week-long visit to a client or branch office. Staying in a hotel, regardless of how posh it might leave an impression of loneliness. So, after a productive day in the boardroom, in the field, or what have you, the executive can kick back in a home-like environment, or even entertain other executives right there. That so beats having to meet in a noisy bar to talk business.

Corporate Housing by Owner –

Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is a directory to locate furnished/unfurnished temporary housing by owner. Search CHBO to find your rental and contact the manager directly. CHBO offers properties in North America.