Last week I told you about some underground places to go when first moving to corporate housing San Diego. I told you where to go if you wanted a great cup of coffee, scone and a great meal. This week, I am going to focus on where to go to shop in San Diego.

Buffalo Exchange (Pacific Beach and Hillcrest):
Buffalo Exchange is no thrift store, but it is far from a department store. With two locations in San Diego, one in Pacific Beach, which carries a better supply for the ladies and one in Hillcrest, which caters more to men, Buffalo Exchange is a beacon of hope on the horizon of blasé fashions and racks full of the same outfits. At Buffalo Exchange, you will not find duplicates of any outfit, shirt or ensemble. Instead you will find designer outfits and pieces at half off to sixty percent off what they would usually sell for, the catch is that they have been worn before. You can bring in your lightly used designer duds and get store credit or cash, leaving you with money in your pocket or new clothes on your back. Check out for more information.

Velo Cult Bike Shop (South Park):
Velo Cult, is a Bike shop for the Bike enthusiast. Located in South Park, which simply means south of Park Ave., not to be confused with the animated television show, Velo is a shop that caters to all your biking needs. They are no average bike shop. The attendants are friendly and extremely knowledgeable and they carry every part that you would need for your bike, including parts you never thought you needed but will buy once at Velo Cult. For more about Velo Cult, check out their website:

Mitch’s Surf Shop (La Jolla):
Mitch’s Surf Shop opened for business in early 1967, near Windansea Beach. Since then, they have strived to fulfill their customers’ needs with the finest quality surfboards and surfing products available. At Mitch’s their knowledgeable staff are committed to excellent customer service. Their surfboard stock includes Takayama, Gato Heroi, Tudor, Campbell Brothers, Rainbow, Bing, Christensen, Mandala, Hanel, Minnard, Scott Raymond Henry, Murphy, GP, Junod and Hydrodynamica. Also, they carry Matuse, Body Glove and Xcel wetsuits, and a huge variety of FCS, Lokbox and handmade custom fins by the top designers on the West Coast. For more information: