Back in 1998 when we established our corporate housing San Diego headquarters, we committed ourselves to acclimating to the changes of the traveler and relocating employee, as well as have the flexibility to sustain in a changing market. It’s expected today to be innovative and that’s why we associated ourselves with the National Human Resources Association.

The NHRA has been around for almost 60 years now, and they continue to remain focused on advancing the development of human resource professionals. They provide each of these professionals with networking forums and professional development opportunities through live meetings, conferences and seminars, as well as other personal growth venues. The NHRA knows that today’s HR professional is expected to add more to their organizations than ever before, so they need to be up to par when traveling for extended business trips.

Whether their members are traveling for conferences, seminars, scouting out new office locations in other cities, or a host of other reasons the NHRA understands that a human resource professional needs to be on top of their game. In order to do that, they need to be comfortable while on the road. Corporate housing is simple, affordable, comfortable, and the best dollar value, especially when it comes to peace of mind.