Getting To Know Regional Monuments: East Coast

The best part of visiting a new city is getting to know its unique culture and style. Sometimes, it’s hard to immediately discern and other times a city’s personality is as obvious as its name.

Either way, getting to know a city’s regional monuments is crucial to making the most of a visit there. We compiled some of the must-see landmarks in some of PC Housing’s top corporate housing cities, so you’ll be able to enjoy your stay and get a true taste of these different cultures! We’ve included a few major landmarks from each city – the ones you can’t leave without paying a visit – and then one that is a bit different, but allows the area’s true colors to really shine.

In Part 1 of this two part series, we explore monuments and landmarks on the East Coast in our nation’s capitol and in the middle in one of the biggest states in the country. (Stay tuned for the West Coast later!)

Washington DC: Stand At The Intersection of History and Progress

Washington DC

Photo by Jeff Kubina

The Nation’s Capitol has so much to offer we’re not sure where to start! Government buildings can be found on most blocks, and many are housed in stunning marble architecture. In addition, the monuments are an excellent place to run, stroll or even enjoy a picnic when the weather is nice. Explore Washington D.C.’s various neighborhoods – from Georgetown to Brookland to Eastern Market – and get a taste of the diversity in this home for politics and policy.

No trip to D.C. can be complete – it’s hardly begun – without a visit to the National Mall. The National Mall is the home of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, World War II Memorial and a huge range of smaller memorials and tributes. Start at the Lincoln Memorial and walk toward the Capitol, you’ll be amazed by the history recognized along Constitution Avenue. In addition, the Smithsonian Museums located on the Mall have free entry! End your walk at the Capitol Building, where you can take a tour of the building where our laws are made and learn a bit more about the democratic process.

Enjoy even more history just across the Potomac River at the Arlington National Cemetery. The Cemetery is a place where you can explore the country’s military history, see the tombstones of United States soldiers and even witness the Changing of the Guard, an elaborate hourly ritual that honors fallen soldiers in a moving ceremony. In addition, Arlington National Cemetery is a good place for a walk, and you can visit the Robert E. Lee House and John F. Kennedy’s grave.

Looking for a bit of art and culture in addition to your historic tour? Don’t miss a visit to U Street in D.C.’s Northwest region! The birthplace of Duke Ellington, U Street was an original hub of jazz music, and Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong frequented the neighborhood. Today, the dining and nightlife on U Street are major draws, and don’t miss a trip to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a favorite of Barack Obama, Bill Cosby and tourists alike.

Austin: The Capital of Texas, Live Music and Weird

Austin TX capitol

Photo by Stuart Seeger

Austin, Texas is known as the live music capitol of the world. And when virtually every bar and restaurant you enter is hosting a different live musician, there’s no surprise why. But the city has so much to offer in addition; from stunning outdoor attractions to excellent nightlife to incredible dining. Austin artfully blends acting as a tribute to the Lone Star State’s storied history and a vibrant, youthful city.

If you want to experience Texas’s history, there are a range of tours (many self-guided!) that you can take, but make your first stop the Texas State Capitol Building. Located in downtown Austin, the building is an ornate and stately architectural marvel, and it stands even taller than the Capitol Building in Washington, DC! Guide yourself around the Capitol Building and get to know more about Texas’s history.

As for where all of that live music happens? Look no further than Austin’s Sixth Street. While you might just find live music even in Austin’s grocery stores and city council, Sixth Street is a great place to grab dinner or drinks and explore all that the music scene has to offer. And with more than 250 live music venues, you’ll never run out of bands to hear or places to visit!

If you want to see one example of what makes Austin weird then you must visit the Cathedral of Junk. The “Cathedral” is a vaulted building, a creation in “yardist” Vince Hanneman’s backyard. Hanneman has been building the Cathedral of Junk since 1988 and it now holds 60 tons of others’ castaways, from clocks to bicycle parts to circuit boards. Explore the stairways and tunnels in this backyard masterpiece and see why it’s the farthest thing from one man’s trash.

There are tons more regional monuments and landmarks worth mentioning, but that is too much for this little post. Check back in a week for Part 2, the West Coast, to explore other regional monuments totally worth a visit on your next travel adventure.

Best Restaurants for Corporate Dining in Washington, DC

A business dinner is more than just a meal: it sends powerful messages to clients, partners and coworkers about your vision. Restaurants have provided the atmosphere for networking, groundbreaking business deals and grand plans for the future. For these reasons, choosing the right venue for your next corporate dinner meeting is crucial.

If your work brings you to Washington, D.C., you might find yourself overwhelmed with how many restaurants there are across the city, but PC Housing has your corporate dining needs covered. From more casual venues that will wow and entertain to restaurants where major mergers seem regular, we have your guide to corporate dining in the nation’s capital.

Image courtesy of H Street Country Club

H Street Country Club is a great spot to bring employees, coworkers, or clients who you want to show a good time. Located in D.C.’s eclectic H Street NE, H Street Country Club has delicious Mexican food, tons of drinks and… minigolf! That’s right, you can challenge your business partner to a round of minigolf while enjoying a beer or appetizers. If you want to invite your company to H Street Country Club, check out their options for work events.

Image courtesy of Matchbox Capitol Hill

Looking for a bit more upscale food but want to avoid stuffy ambience? Head over to Capitol Hill and get dinner at Matchbox. The restaurant serves creative pizzas that range from super spicy to a meat lover’s delight to a pizza so full of vegetables you’ll be searching for the crust! They’ve also got some great entrees, if you seek something beyond an individual or large pizza. In addition, Matchbox’s cocktails are unique and delicious, so you’ll be able to find the ideal business dinner, drinks and atmosphere here.

Rasika Penn Quarter

Image courtesy of Rasika Restaurant

One of D.C.’s best neighborhoods for fine dining is Penn Quarter, and still Rasika shines above the rest. Consistently one of the highest rated and reviews restaurants in Washington, the only advice we have for you if you’re considering this modern Indian restaurant is to make a reservation ahead of time, as it is extremely popular. With fine food, impeccable wine pairings and a stunning interior decor, Rasika is a great place to begin a business deal or offer someone a promotion. Reserve the restaurant all to yourself on Sundays for your private event.

Image courtesy of Blue Duck Tavern

If your dinner requires the ultimate in elegance, you simply must go to Blue Duck Tavern.This restaurant is the height of fine dining in the District. But this restaurant isn’t all show; the food is phenomenal. Plan on a long, hearty, delicious meal at Blue Duck Tavern and even the most discriminating client will be impressed. Afterward, a stroll through the beautiful and lush West End neighborhood where Blue Duck Tavern is located will ensure your business is done and done in style.

Car2Go Revolutionizes Urban Car Sharing and is Poised to Change Business Travel for the Better

Drivers have been noticing that there’s something different on the roads in San Diego these days. An auto revolution is taking place and we’re betting that it may soon start sweeping the nation. It’s a safe assumption that eventually we’re all going to be driving electric cars, and Car2Go is spearheading a new movement by taking an innovative approach to urban mobility that could revolutionize car sharing as we know it.

Small, Sleek, and Smart
The idea behind Car2Go is simple. Once registered via an easy, straightforward process, drivers have unlimited access to small, electric vehicles that can be picked up at a moment’s notice or reserved in advance online or via phone call. You can take the car as far as you wish, but ideally one would only be traveling a short to moderate distance. The eurocar design makes parking a breeze, but the kicker : the car can be parked just about anywhere, free of charge, even in metered or time-restrictive spots (though there are some minor restrictions).

While Car2Go is an economical and ecologically friendly way for people to make day trips around town, we think it’s also the perfect solution for business travelers spending time in a new city. The built-in GPS system makes getting around unfamiliar streets a breeze and the pay-per-minute billing provides precise tracking of costs in addition to being much cheaper than paying for a regular, per-day auto rental.

Despite the many positive features of the Car2Go, it does come with some limitations we would be remiss not to note here. The compact, fortwo electric vehicle is quite tiny. With only two seats and little trunk space, two travelers and their luggage would make for a tight fit. And the cars can’t accelerate over 65 MPH, restricting freeway use. Local San Diego resident Kate Huebler has been using Car2Go for  short trips across town to get to and from work, and says “It took a little bit of getting used to the size and the system used to unlock and find the cars, but I find that it saves me a lot of time as opposed to using public transit, and it’s much more affordable than a taxi or a rental car.”
Ultimately, however,  these are minor shortcomings and do not detract from the awesome overall package.  For now only 3 U.S. cities, San Diego, Washington D.C., and Austin feature Car2Go but we’ve got our money firmly betting they’ll be popping up in most major metropolitan cities in the next few years. For your next extended stay in any of these cities, book a furnished apartment with PC Housing and compliment it with an economical, efficient, savvy vehicle to zip around town without a worry!

Corporate Housing Washington DC | Questions You’ll Need to Answer


If a move to the Washington, DC area is in your near future, and it might just be especially with the way the economy is booming the way it is, there are a few questions you’ll need ask yourself before you jump in your car, on a bus, plane or train. A lot of decisions need to be made, and when you’ve decided the answers you might just need corporate housing Washington DC.

Here’s a list of Questions:

1.) Will you be in Washington, DC temporarily? or long-term?
2.) Do you plan to live alone, moving here with someone, or planning to find a roommate.
3.) How much can you afford? Generally speaking it should be roughly 25% of your income.
4.) Will you have a vehicle or will you need to be near public transportation?
5.) What about neighborhood amenities like; laundry, grocery, dry cleaners, doctor, drug store, coffee shop, church?
6.) How close would you like to live to work?

You should also keep the following in mind. The closer you are to the metropolitan DC, the more expensive housing will cost, but living in beautiful, safe surrounding areas like Northwest DC, Virginia, or Maryland near a metro stop will help keep that cost lower. Of course the commute to work, if you work in Metro DC, will be longer but you’ll save a bundle.

Corporate Housing Washington DC | A Booming Mecca


With the number of reports out there, it looks like Washington, DC is in the top ten metropolitan areas predicted to recover by 2011. With most markets adding employment next year, many people will be moving to the area. There is no time like the present to jump on board, so if you’re in need of a corporate housing Washington DC then you should start looking now.

Corporate housing is typically designed for shorter stays; 30-90 days, and include furnished accommodations and amenities. One of the great benefits of this sort of housing is the home like conditions located close to the company who has moved you to the DC area. Another great benefit, if you are moving here for the first time, is to find a temporary living situation like this. This will help you get a lay of the land. You’ll be able to find out the neighborhoods you like. Whether you want to live in trendy Columbia Heights or the culturally diverse DuPont Circle area — which is pretty much on a direct run from the White House — you’ll find this is a short-term and wonderful solution.

Solid gains are not predicted for the rest of the county until later in 2011, Washington DC is slated with Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Salt Lake City and Kansas City to head the economic turnaround.

Have you ever moved to a new city for a company?