4 Not-So-Common Things to Do in Chicago

chicago river

The Windy City offers more than its fair share of things to do. As the cultural center of the Midwest and America’s third-largest city, you won’t ever get bored in Chicago.

But there’s more than meets the eye. If you look closely, Chicago offers some things to do that are quirky and a bit off-the-wall. Here are a few of our favorite not-so-common things to do in Chicago. Continue reading “4 Not-So-Common Things to Do in Chicago”

Ways to Feel at Home in a New City

Moving to a New City

If you’re a first-year college student, you’re probably thrilled about leaving home and a little nervous too. Relocating to a brand-new town can be more than a little terrifying. You’ll be somewhere unfamiliar and away from your usual social circles. The adjustment can be tough. But if you follow these tips, you’ll feel at home faster. And before you know it, your entire definition of home will have changed for the better.
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Off-Campus Housing in Boston

Boston Off-Campus Housing

Higher-level universities and colleges have long been the hallmark of the American educational system and none more so than in the Boston area. You don’t have to see Good Will Hunting to know that Boston is a breeding ground for prestigious universities. The northeastern gem that is home to the Red Sox has one of the highest concentrations of colleges and universities in America. It also makes sense that a city steeped in rich colonial history would have some of the best higher learning institutions in the land.

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