The 4 Greatest Things You Can Only Do In Los Angeles

No matter how hard other cities might try, none can replicate the special nature of Los Angeles. Even though other cities may also have year-round sunny weather (like San Diego) or vibrant artistic scenes (like New York), there are so many things that you can do in Los Angeles that you just can’t do anywhere else in the world. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 4 greatest things you can only do in Los Angeles, and nowhere else.

 The 4 Greatest Things You Can Only Do in Los Angeles

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Off-Campus Housing Option in Los Angeles

Off-Campus Housing in LA

It’s that time of year again, when college students throughout LA flock to campuses and surrounding neighborhoods looking for a new home for the school year. Freshmen usually choose the dorms, and those further along in their college careers often stop returning home for the summers and have established homes and resources by campus. But what about the second year students? The ones who’ve completed their year in the dorms, went home for summer, and now need a place? Here are some tips for finding college student housing in the LA area.

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The Top Gay Friendly Cities in the US


Gone are the days where gay singles and couples traveled on the down low to places they would be least likely to be harassed or ostracized. Now, gay friendly travel is as out in the open as the singles and couples happily embarking on cruises, flights, and one-of-a-kind adventures around the world. The US is not to be left out – we’ve got quite the handful of gay friendly cities among our 50 states, and we’ve narrowed it down to four gems. While you definitely don’t have to be gay to fully appreciate the beauty and fun of the top gay friendly cities in the US, these four are chosen for their unique contributions to gay civil rights. Continue reading “The Top Gay Friendly Cities in the US”

Best Restaurants for Corporate Entertaining in Los Angeles

Not long ago we shared our list of the best restaurants for corporate entertaining in San Diego and have hopefully sent San Diego newbies down the right path when it comes to finding a restaurant that suits their business needs. Not to leave our neighbors to the north high and dry, we decided to share our list of the best restaurants for corporate entertaining in Los Angeles. Understandably, there are quite a few more high end and incredibly impressive venues in famous LA, but they’ve got all those celebrities demanding the finest at all times. Next time you really want to make an impression, check out this list and remember to make your reservations well ahead of time. You never know who you’ll end up seated next to in Los Angeles!

Beachside Restaurant and Bar Los Angeles

The Beachside Restaurant and Bar is tucked inside the Jamaica Bay Inn, and is the perfect location for out of town business clients. Located in close proximity to LAX, this exquisite hotel offers a 933-square-foot meeting room which accommodates up to 60 individuals and has a boardroom available for smaller corporate events. The restaurant  is equipped with large windows offering beautiful views of Marina Del Rey and provides innovative and locally sourced American dishes. Plus, its close location to the airport means you can squeeze in a meeting anytime and not worry about your colleagues missing their flights.

Cafe Pinot Los Angeles

Café Pinot provides an incomparable view for guests on its garden terrace. Voted as LA’s “best outdoor dining,” the restaurant is accented with windows lined from the floor to the ceiling, surrounding it’s diners within its beautiful garden ambience. The menu is adorned with dishes inspired by local farmer’s markets providing an enticing array of healthful meal options. Events are common here, so the staff really knows how to take care of a picky group of professionals.

Ago Restaurant Los Angeles

Ago is the place to be if you are looking to make a big impression on a client. An upscale Italian restaurant created by chef Agostino Sciandri and partnered by Robert De Niro is well known among the stars. Inspired by Tuscan dishes, the restaurant is embellished with grapevines and archways with a true authentic Italian flare. Olive trees tower outside of the building giving guests the gift of Italy as they step through the doorway. Culinary favorites include Spaghetti allo Scoglio, Ravioli di Magro con Funghi,  and Veal Milanese.

Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air

The Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air is the place to eat when your colleague is “too busy” for a traditional business dinner or when you want a more casual option for a quick lunch talk. The restaurant offers a “60-minute Power Lunch” designed for those that are on limited time during their lunch hour. For a nominal price of just $39 per person, guests may choose from a predetermined list of menu options. Choices for starters are Field Green & Herb Salad, Wild Mushroom Soup or Hearts of Romaine. Entrée options include Pan Seared Local Sea Bass, Grilled Jidori Chicken Breast, or Hand Cut Tagliatelle.

Vertical Wine Bistro Los Angeles

Vertical Wine Bistro offers the option to settle a business deal by winding down at the end of the day with a cocktail hour. With a variety of over 300 bottles of wine from around the world, 70 of which are available by the glass. With a wine and bistro happy hour every Tuesday through Saturday and all day Sunday, the menu offers a tasty appetizer selection with happy prices.

Corporate Housing Los Angeles and Going off the Beaten Path


This is the time of year people love to visit Los Angeles. However, anytime is a great time to come here. For the most part, the weather is temperate and there’s got to be a million places to visit and enjoy, and because of that many people eventually move here, needing to find corporate housing Los Angeles until they find something more permanent.

My favorite things to do are always off the beaten path. Here are just a few of them:

The Bradbury Building.
When I first looked at this building I wasn’t impressed. I had heard all good but the outside wasn’t impressive. In my opinion, sometimes those are the best places. Once you step inside though it is like a different world. Fans of Blade Runner and Chinatown (2 of my favorite movies) will surely recognize this place.

L.A. Flower Mart.
When I first moved here for work, I was coming from the East Coast. It took me a bit of time to adjust to the time change, but I think even today I still awake earlier than what I ‘need’ to. Because of my early-riser mentality, I get the chance to visit this wholesale flower market. Just so you know, the last time I went there was a small 2 buck charge to get in. Which is nothing! They are also only open to the public at certain times, so check their website. Lots of great plants and flowers!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
Okay, so I have a darker side. From Rudolph Valentino and Jayne Mansfield to Tyrone Power and Douglas Fairbanks, you can walk down a certain memory lane. There are also outdoor films here. I know…crazy, but it is worth the trip and the time. Oh, and check out this book: Morbid Curiosity by Alan W. Petrucelli

Corporate Housing Los Angeles | It’s a Big City


Los Angeles is a big city. A lot of incredibly diverse people as well as a lot of fantastic neighborhoods. If you’re business is moving you to the area and you’re looking for corporate housing Los Angeles it can be a bit overwhelming. This wonderful city is a sprawling metropolis, so you’ll want to be sure to seek help from a corporate housing business that’s well connected. You want the shortest commute possible.

A number of our customers come here for work, fall in love with the area, and then decide to stay on. Most have never spent much time in the city before, so a executive apartments Los Angeles, a temporary home, is just what they need to decide on where to plant their roots for the long haul.

Our homes are fully furnished and accessorized with all bed and bath linens so you’ll only need to bring your clothes. Of course if you have some accessories of your own; favorite towels, coffee mugs, and pillows you can bring them. After all, we want you to be comfortable.