A Full Day of Fun Things to Do in La Jolla

la jolla beach

La Jolla is located within San Diego city limits, but it feels like a small, beautiful town of its own. Its name comes from a Spanish word for “jewel,” and it really is the jewel of the city — a charming, upscale hillside community surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean. If you have a day to spend here, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Here are some of our favorite things to do in La Jolla.

Breakfast (or Brunch) on the Cove

It isn’t hard to find a good restaurant in La Jolla, but if you’re there in the morning, we suggest Brockton Villa. If it’s nice out (and when is it not in San Diego?), you can sit on the patio right across the street from La Jolla Cove, a beach filled with neat caves and cute seals. It’s a perfect way to start the day. Continue reading “A Full Day of Fun Things to Do in La Jolla”

6 Dishes You Have to Try in San Diego

San Diegans are seriously lucky. Not only do they get to enjoy some of the best weather in the country, minus the traffic of Los Angeles, they get to eat some of the best food in the country as well. Thanks to it’s location, San Diego’s Mexican food is world-renowned, but there is so much more to explore. Whether you’re staying in a classic San Diego vacation rental or are a local resident who has just been living under a rock, here are the dishes you have to try in San Diego.

6 Dishes You Have to Try in San Diego | PC Housing

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Nurse Your Beer in San Diego – A Guide to SD Breweries

Stone Brewing Company

Image: Stone Brewing Company

One of the great perks of relocating temporarily for work is the opportunity to see new places and experience new cultures by becoming a local rather than just a tourist.  Getting acquainted to a new place as a long-term guest gives you the chance to really soak in the vibes in a way that you simply can’t achieve as a short-term visitor, and few industries lend themselves to this lifestyle better than healthcare.

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a contract in a new location that provides industry opportunities as well as off-the-clock activities, there are few cities more accommodating than San Diego. Hotels may dot the coast from Imperial Beach to Oceanside, but if you prefer the feeling of really coming home at the end of a long shift, consider PC Housing for your San Diego housing needs.

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San Diego Corporate Apartment Living Guide

One of the hallmarks of San Diego living is the small town feel of each neighborhood, despite being connected within a large city and enormous county. PC Housing has corporate apartments conveniently located throughout San Diego city and county, and knowing where you need to be is crucial to a successful corporate trip. Here, we’ll break down the most popular San Diego neighborhoods for corporate apartment living and hopefully help make the decision about where you need to live an easier one!

Carlsbad San Diego

Carlsbad: Located just north of San Diego proper, Carlsbad is the epitome of North County San Diego: affluent, beautiful, and peaceful. Lagoons and wildlife preserves are abundant, and its proximity to the ocean reminds you that you’re in San Diego. There’s even a small airport and an upscale boutique mall! Carlsbad is a popular destination for corporate travelers because it’s home to several top technological, biological, and economical powerhouses, including labs, software companies, engineering companies and various manufacturers. And San Diego city is just a short 30 minute drive south. (There are also plenty of other transportation options if you’re carless in Carlsbad.)

La Jolla coast

La Jolla: La Jolla is home to some of the most iconic scenery in San Diego: clear blue ocean waters, sun above the soaring palm trees, and marine mammals which draw visitors and locals alike. Corporate travelers staying in La Jolla take advantage of their location, as many of our La Jolla corporate apartments are right next to the water. However, there is also a bustling economic center in the UTC neighborhood right next to La Jolla that prides itself on skyscrapers for luxurious corporate housing. La Jolla and UTC both offer corporate travelers with a healthy variety of fun and work – some of the best restaurants for corporate entertaining in San Diego are in this neighborhood!

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp

Downtown San Diego: Almost nowhere in San Diego provides its residents with quite the city-like hustle and bustle that Downtown San Diego offers. Downtown – also known as the Gaslamp District – has enough restaurants to keep an extended stay corporate traveler happy, and endless supply of work-appropriate and after-hours entertainment, and is snuggled between the bay to the south and the harbor to the west. The micro-neighborhoods of Little Italy, East Village, Seaport Village, and the Marina are within walking distance of each other, and the San Diego International Airport is a cheap cab ride away (not to mention Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres!). Living in the Gaslamp means you’re in the absolute center of the city. The San Diego Convention Center is where corporate travelers from just about every industry flock, which makes Downtown San Diego the ideal location for corporate travelers. Add in the proximity to Coronado Island and abundant transportation to get you anywhere you need to go and you’ll see why you could need nothing else.

Mission Valley San Diego

Mission Valley: Second only to Downtown in terms of business opportunities, Mission Valley is a popular destination for traveling professionals because of the abundance of business friendly hotels, commerce centers, transportation and corporate event centers. Two major shopping malls, dozens of restaurant varieties, and a golf course and driving range are sure to keep corporate travelers busy, while Qualcomm Stadium – home to the San Diego Chargers – hosts major events in the offseason. Business professionals love living in Mission Valley because it’s situated between five of the major freeways and has several trolley stops for easy access to any other neighborhood.

Rancho Bernardo San Diego

Poway/Rancho Bernardo: While most business centers remain close to the coast, Poway and Rancho Bernardo separate themselves from the rest with their East County locations. Home to the headquarters of a number of national corporations, Poway also has several wildlife preserves that pay homage to the endangered California scrub and offer residents and travelers the opportunity to interact with nature by hiking, biking and walking through parks and Lake Poway. This region is far more residential than the neighborhoods of Mission Valley and the Gaslamp, which can be ideal for longer corporate trips and professionals traveling with family. This affluent, upscale community is nestled in canyons and hills and boasts luxurious golf courses for laid back business rounds.

Remember, no matter where you choose to live in San Diego, you will be guaranteed a furnished corporate apartment with all of the furnishings, accessories, and conveniences of daily life when you stay with PC Housing.

Images courtesy of City of Carlsbad, La Jolla, Downtown San Diego, Black Chick on Tour, and Rancho Bernardo Community Council.

PC Housing Shares the Best the World Has to Offer Business Travelers

We’ve covered some pretty swanky digs in the past, but BloombergBusinessweek recently released a list of some of the best “everything’s” for business travelers the world over. From passports to hotel pools, they’ve collected a list of some of the “best for business travelers” and we thought our dutiful readers might enjoy a few of the more choice luxuries! Read on!

The Best Airline Food Court Winner: San Francisco International

“The first U.S. terminal to earn LEED Gold status—a measure of energy efficiency—features public art installations referencing the Bay Area (the airport is an accredited museum), as well as a “slow food” court with a range of regional favorites. Pack a picnic-to-go at Napa Farms Market, hosting artisanal vendors such as Cowgirl Creamery, Acme Bread, and Vino Volo wines.”

The Best First Class Seat Winner: Emirates Airlines

“The Emirates first-class seat is less a seat than a tiny flying hotel room—complete with mini-bar, wardrobe, mirror, touchscreen TV, and a sliding door between you and the rest of the world.”

The Best Hotel Stationary:  Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles

The home of the rich and famous, from moguls to rock stars, the Chateau Marmont in LA is notorious for the lecherous and luxurious alike. If it was good enough for Led Zeppelin, its good enough for you! One thing they may not be so well known for is their hotel stationary.  “Each room comes with its own letterhead. Beneath an etching of the distinctive Sunset Boulevard hotel, your name appears, along with the words “In Residence.” ” Swanky, indeed!

The Best Hotel Mini Bar: The Stanford White Building in New York

While a mini bar can be sometimes be both a gift and a curse, more often than not they’re good for little more than $13 bags of macadamian nuts and $19 shots of Jack Daniels.  The Stanford White Building takes it to the next level, “filled with everything from candy cigarettes to a portable poker table to “Chatwal No. 44″–scented Krigler candles to a copy of The Great Gatsby and a vintage cocktail shaker. In-room bar service is also an option.”

The Best Airport Club: Sydney Quantas First Lounge

Flight delayed? Yes, and thank you! “Upon entering, you’re greeted by a “vertical garden” created by tropical botanist Patrick Blanc that uses indigenous greenery. Native son Marc Newsom is behind every aspect of the club’s design: the leather lounge chairs and sofas in the private wireless-equipped work suites and mobile-free library; the tables, cutlery, and wall of windows at the seasonally inspired restaurant from fellow Australian chef Neil Perry; the site-specific, large-scale sculptures throughout. The ivy-covered spa, which features complimentary Payot facials and massages, is surely among the best spots to unwind before taking off.”

These are only a few of the highlights from the list which you can go ahead and read here. PC Housing may not have personalized stationary in our furnished apartments, and our corporate housing suites may not allow you to blow off some steam with the classic American novel, but hey, they’re still pretty awesome.

Images: RiffsofWisdom, BloomburgBusinessWeek

New TripAdvisor Survey Sheds Some Light On America’s Hottest Travel Trend For 2012

On March 28, 2012, TripAdvisor published an eye-opening survey that sheds some light on the growing number of vacationers who are opting to stay in furnished apartments and vacation rentals instead of hotels. TripAdvisor is easily one the largest travel sites on the web, and their poll of more than 1200 travelers ultimately revealed that 46% of respondents (up from 40% in 2011) will choose to stay  in a vacation rental this year.

  • One in four respondents say that having more space is the main draw of vacation rentals. In addition, one in five say vacation rentals offer a better vacation experience, while almost one in five (19 percent) like having access to a full kitchen in a vacation rental.

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy on the road is by eating well, and in order for that to be cost-effective it helps to be able to prepare your own meals without the hassle of seeking out health conscious dining establishments.

  • Travelers say vacation rentals have benefits the hotels can’t always match. Nearly one in three respondents (32 percent) like the greater amount of privacy a vacation rental affords. More than one in four (27 percent) say it’s easier to spend time with family and friends in a vacation rental. And one in five say a vacation rental just feels more like home.

From the horse’s mouth! We love to tout how our rentals offer vacationers and corporate travelers the same comforts of home while out on the road. Of those surveyed, it looks like these are exactly the types of luxuries they tend to appreciate the most. Vindicated and it feels so good!

  • Variety reigns supreme when it comes to vacation rentals: 29 percent of travelers never stay in the same vacation rental year after year, while a further 40 percent rarely do so.

Not to sell ourselves too much, but PC Housing multiple properties in cities across the nation, providing our patrons with a variety of locations and neighborhoods no matter where they may be.

While there is no doubt that we can’t accommodate our guests in all the ways a large hotel might be able to, however, we like to think it’s the little things that come to mind when our guests make the choice to stay with us. TripAdvisor has the hard proof to back up our claims that there’s something to the idea of having a “home away from home” when out on the road, especially for those who must do it more often than they may like.

Images: HafnKennels, BerryCountryCrafts

San Diego’s Little Italy Offers Corporate Traveler’s a Taste of the Finer Things

While much of what we here at PC Housing like to share with our readers revolves around the latest and greatest in hospitality news, technology, and trends, we never forget that our client are connoisseurs of life on the go and all that comes along with it (re: dining out!). We’ve covered the best of the best in America’s Finest City before, but our focus was on the more well known areas in town. Today, we wanted to take a look at Little Italy, one of our smaller, tucked away neighborhoods that makes up for it’s small stature with unparalleled class, sophistication, and lots of red sauce.

We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for places that you absolutely must stop in at the next time you find yourself traveling for business in San Diego or simply blowing off some steam. Read on, friends, and drop us a note in the comments if you’ve found yourself indulged by one of these delicious haunts.

Craft & Commerce is for the truly sophisticated sipper. With signature cocktails that feature both liquor AND beer as well as a rotating tap list of truly distinct brews, this classic gastropub is sure to leave you feeling like you belong among the upper echelon of drinkers.

Chef Deborah Scott’s Indigo Grill is part of the fabulous Cohn Restaurant Group that prides itself on offering unique and delicious cuisine with a focus on utilizing locally produced ingredients. Without a doubt, the Hickory & Apple Smoked Pork Ribs should top your to-do list when stopping by.
What would a list of great eats in Little Italy be without, well, an ITALIAN RESTAURANT!? While there are a number of fine locations along India St., our personal favorite is Mona Lisa Italian Foods. The comfortable and friendly atmosphere is complimented by recipes and flavors that taste just like someone’s Grandma used to make. An extensive but unpretentious wine list and homemade bread, crackers, and cheeses make Mona Lisa one our top picks for Italian in Little Italy.

Once the day is done, sometimes all you really want is something sweet and decadent. Extraordinary Deserts is what you’re looking for. Sure, they have a restaurant menu as well, but why else would you come here for anything but their namesake? Trust us, they deliver on the promise of the marquee.

While these are only a few of the many fine establishments located within the small area that makes up Little Italy, we know you’ll love each one of them as much as we do! And guess what? Our corporate housing suites and furnished apartments are mere minutes from the neighborhood, making a trip an absolute necessity for friends and clients alike! Salud!

Looking for Corporate Housing in San Diego? Hide Your Excitement From the Boss



JOE/JANE CORPORATE is called into BIG BOSS’S office. With fingers crossed and an anxious fear that he/she might be getting set up to spend the next month scouring Craigslist for a new job, the hapless corporate crusader steps across the office threshold expecting the worst..


Joe/Jane, I bet you’re wondering why I called you in here today?


Ummm, well yes, I realize that I have been coming in at 9:04 the last few days, but I promise I stay an extra 30 minutes to make up for it! Please don’t fire me! I need this job, my dog’s in the hospital and my Grandma has been shedding! Johnson comes in at 9:06 AND  he doesn’t even stay late!!


I see. Well send my best to your Grandma and a bowl of kibbles & bits to the pup, but that wasn’t why I called you in here. We’re sending you to San Diego to open our new office and I need you to look into finding corporate housing for the team for the 2 months you’ll be away. Think you can handle it? Great. Report back when you’ve made the reservation.

JOE/JANE Corporate:

Yes sir! Thank you, sir!


And send Johnson in on your way out…

We know what you’re thinking. “Did PC Housing just score a copy of the script for the latest Hollywood office drama “Dream Job Scenario II: Best Assignment Ever”?!”

Not quite, but close.

San Diego is a dream destination for vacationers  hoping to take in all the beauty of Southern California without the hassle of L.A., and getting PAID to visit is the next best thing to a company sponsored vacation. It’s part of the reason why PC Housing, the number one source for furnished apartments and extended corporate housing rentals, calls “America’s Finest City” home.

We specialize in combining the luxury of a hotel with the comfort that comes from feeling like you’re in a home away from home. Whether you’ll be spending all your time working and hanging in Downtown around the Gaslamp Quarter, catching a Chargers game on your day off at Qualcomm in Mission Valley, or taking in the seaside views from the cliffs above Costa Verde in La Jolla, we have something guaranteed to make the time in between work and play relentlessly enjoyable.

So, when the call comes down and you discover your next extended stay will be taking place in the jewel of  So Cal, do your best to hide the pure joy you may be feeling until after you leave the office. Once safely away from judging eyes, you can jump for joy, do the robot, or whatever else comes over you. We completely understand.

Image: TouristSpot

Furnished Apartments San Diego | An Employee’s Sudden Move


About a week ago, I received a call from a friend of mine who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. Pronounced “Wuss-Ter”. I know, I know, something about their funny dialect back in New England. So anyway, he gave me a call to let me know his company’s office is closing. I’d like to say I was dumbfounded but with the number of layoffs happening in the U.S. it was more disheartening for me to hear it. Something was off though, he didn’t seem to be upset. In fact, he seemed delighted.

I asked, “So, from the way you sound, you must have gotten a good lay off package, huh?” He laughed, responding, “No, we are relocating and my department is relocating to our San Diego office.” And then he asked me to help him with a few furnished apartments San Diego. No problem. That’s what I do.

He and his family are moving to America’s Finest City as soon as they sell their house, which could be a bit so he needs a smaller two-bedroom furnished apartment in San Diego. He is fortunate because they have owned the house for nearly fifteen years, and are far from underwater on their loan. It should sell quickly.

Obviously I will work closely with him until he finds the right spot…and blog about his experience!