A Few Tips on Keeping Up the Holiday Cheer if You’re NOT Home For the Holidays!

Well folks, the holidays are ALMOST upon us once again. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting a nice holiday at home with friends and family or, you know, DREADING a nice holiday at home with friends and family we hope you stay safe and take a few moments to appreciate how lucky we all are to be alive and well!

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to spend their vacation time with loved ones. Nay, the unlucky road warrior who must fight on abroad through the cold winter in their humble corporate housing suite does not have to feel like a Grinch this holiday season. With these tips from Corporate Housing by Owner, you can make your cozy corporate suite feel like a holiday home away from home!

We want to take a moment to thank all our customers, fans, families and friends for their continued support and all around awesomeness over the past year. 2012 has been amazing and we can only hope that 2013 will be even better!

Feeling like your business trips are lacking a certain something? PC Housing provides weary road warriors with all the comforts of home in our  furnished apartments and Corporate Housing in San Diego and elsewhere that will have you questioning whether home is truly where the heart is!

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Tips & Tricks for Traveling from a True Travellista!

This being a travel blog, we always love to feature tips and tricks for managing life on the road. Of course, while we consider ourselves seasoned travelers it never hurts to get the advice from a real pro. With that in mind, we turned to  the Ad-lib Traveller for her tips on life on the go.

  • One key recommendation is to bring along a copy of your prescriptions and the know the common names of your medication. In addition, if your medicines contain any sort of narcotic, absolutely keep them in their original, labelled containers along with a letter from your doctor.
  • Avoid lost luggage by removing old luggage tags as they can oftentimes be the cause of misplaced bags! Consider using your work address instead of home if you’re uncomfortable with publicly displaying your private info.

There’s a few more gems over on the Ad-Lib Traveller blog which you should take some time to check out!

Feeling like your business trips are lacking a certain something? PC Housing provides weary road warriors with all the comforts of home in our  furnished apartments and corporate suites that will have you questioning whether home is truly where the heart is!

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Not All Who Travel for Business are Lost, A Thoughtful Reflection of Life “On the Road”

Reading about the life of fellow “Road Warriors” can oftentimes conjure up images of ultra-prepared, type-A personalities ruthlessly traversing the skies on red-eye flights across the globe. However, the often overlooked benefits of a live lived abroad are generally only known to those “in the club”.

Professional Business Traveler superstar Pico Lyer took some time (probably during one of his marathon globe-trotting flights) to pen an ode to the unexpected pleasures found when your expectations are low and you find yourself pleasantly surprised by the adventures you find yourself in.

“A night on the town, if the town is Shanghai; a chance to be wined and dined—in Paris; an add-on weekend in Savannah, Ga.”

He pontificates on the perceived misery with which the general public is convinced us road warriors live our lives with a wink and a nod to his fellows in the form of elaborating on the pleasures of gold-card level airport lounges and free trips with friends and family provided by his frequent flier benefits.  For the full story, head over to BusinessWeek.

Feeling like your business trips are lacking a certain something? PC Housing provides weary road warriors with the comforts of home with furnished apartments and corporate suites that will have you questioning whether home is truly where the heart is!

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A Business Travel 101 Addendum from the Road Warriorette

We’ve featured posts on some basic tips on etiquette for rookie business travelers as well as seasoned vets in the past, but it’s always good to get back to basics when it comes to hitting the road. We were reading up on one of our favorite blogs over at Road Warriorette and saw a great update to her Business Travel 101: Etiquette post that we just had to share. She covers everything from dealing with airport security to carry-on tips and we think her advice is great for business travelers of all types!

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PC Housing Has Fall On the Brain & You Should Too

With summer just barely sighing away, we turn our sights to Fall and the wonder of the changing seasons. Here in San Diego we don’t get too much of a dramatic change from sunny to…well, a little bit less sunny, so we love to set our sights abroad and take in the beauty of Fall colors in places our friends and clients call home. Lets Fly Cheaper has offered up a stellar list of the Best Places to See Autumn Colors and we highly recommend checking it out if you’re inclined to beautiful red and orange hues!

Also, not to be outdone, we offer up this beautiful time lapse of our hometown! We may not get too much in the way of changing seasons, but we remain convinced that when you’ve got it this good, who needs change!? (Click the link below to take a gander!)

America’s Finest Timelapse from XOXO Wedding Studio on Vimeo.

Images: Let’s Fly Cheaper

Cell Phone Ban Redux! The Aviation Queen Offers Her Take

Last week, we highlighted the breaking news that the FAA would be launching an investigation into whether the current ban on cell phone usage could or should be reformed. Given the divisive nature of the subject, both sides are equally adamant about their position. The well respected and widely read Aviation Queen has drawn a line in the sand and is sticking to it!

“I do my fair share of longer flights, and the thought of being trapped in a metal tube with someone gabbing on their cell phone for hours just gives me the chills.”

Head on over to check out her latest blog and find out where she stands on the FAA’s use of the Federal Register to release their proposed study on the Use of Cell Phones on Board Aircraft and voice your opinion in her poll!

Set Your Sights on International Flights of Fancy with our Friends at the Trip & Travel Blog!

While we generally love to focus primarily on our home turf (the good ol’ U.S. of A.) that doesn’t mean we don’t have the travelers bug to expand our horizons and set our sights on foreign destinations across the globe. As true travelers, we also try and avoid hitting the hottest tourist destinations in favor of truly authentic experiences.

This week, we look to our friends over at the Trip & Travel Blog to see what they recommend for the adventurous international traveler looking to get off the beaten path and see what the world has to offer with their Top 5 Summer Destinations!

Credit: Trip&Travel Blog

We Are All One & the Same When It Comes to Traveling Pet Peeves

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with traveling. As it is often said, it’s all about the journey. However, when it comes to flights, its most definitely NOT. In her latest post, the Aviation Queen takes us through some of her top travel pet peeves and we have a feeling a few of them may resonate with our audience. Turns out, most of us are on the same page when it comes to those irritating little annoyances! Have a few more to add? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @PCHousing!

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