A Roundup of Recent Airline Industry News


For those of us who travel by air often, we have no choice but to be subject to the will of whatever airline we’re flying. We all know that in-flight magazines only tell us the good stuff. It’s in our best interest, then, to stay up on the goings-on in the airline industry. So here’s a round-up of recent airline industry news to keep you up on your game.

Airline Glitches Are in the News

We’re hearing more and more about airline computer glitches throwing a wrench in travelers’ plans. But they aren’t necessarily happening more often. Continue reading “A Roundup of Recent Airline Industry News”

Four 2017 Travel Trends You Need to Know

hotel room

2017 is upon us, and travel giant Frommer’s and other experts recently offered their take on what we can expect. Without further ado, here are the 2017 travel trends to keep in mind as you plan your travel this year.

1. A new kind of opulence

According to Forbes, we can expect to see a redefinition of luxury taking shape at hotels across the nation. It’s not that we can’t expect nice things, but we can expect them to be more carefully selected and less in-your-face. “Less is more” will be the guiding philosophy for hotel opulence in 2017, according to Forbes.

This means hotels will focus on perfecting the things that matter most, like the bed you sleep in instead of that awkwardly placed chair in the room that no one ever uses. Continue reading “Four 2017 Travel Trends You Need to Know”

4 Money-Saving New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2017


If you’ve never quite been the international jetsetter you’ve wanted to be, you’ve got 365 days to become one in 2017. You can make the most of it while still not blowing your budget. Here are a few 2017 New Year’s travel resolutions to help you save travel dollars.

Buy Cheaper Flights

Of course, we all wouldn’t mind buying our flights on the cheap in 2017, and any other year. But it’s easier than you might think. Continue reading “4 Money-Saving New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2017”

4 Business Travel Blogs You Should Read (Besides This One)


If you’re on the road (or in the air) a lot for business, you probably have moments in a hotel or airport where you find yourself looking for something to read. It’s a nice break from work, work, work all the time. There are some well-written, useful blogs out there geared toward business travelers that can help you plan your trips or just keep you entertained. Here are some business travel blogs you need to check out.

Frequent Business Traveler

Simple name, but a super-detailed blog. If the title of this blog sounds like you, then you need to be reading it. The contributing bloggers are all travel writers by trade, so you know you’re getting professionalism.

This business travel blog is broken up into ideal sections, including one for air travel, one for road travel and one for hotel-focused blog posts. The blog’s Destination Guides are an encyclopedia of travel knowledge that’s geared toward business travelers like yourself. So whether you’re looking to learn about new rewards programs from the companies you use or you want to read hotel reviews, this is the blog for you. Continue reading “4 Business Travel Blogs You Should Read (Besides This One)”

The 3 Best Latest and Greatest Business Travel Apps

A smartphone bursting with business travel apps.

Planning and managing a trip, be it for business or vacation, can be a juggling act. You have to book flights and reservations, check baggage, retrieve baggage, be at certain places at specific times, and keep track of all necessary information (like possible delays and other unforeseen changes and updates). There are so many moving pieces that trying to keep up with all of them can be overwhelming. Fortunately, your cell phone can help you simplify the entire process with the aid of a few apps. There are many useful apps already in popular use, like TripIt and Guidebook, but even more comprehensive business travel apps are on the way!

Continue reading “The 3 Best Latest and Greatest Business Travel Apps”

The Art of Carrying On: Carry-On Bag Essentials

two carry-on bags at a terminal.

Packing for a flight is an art form, a game of Tetris that requires you to balance being prepared for the unexpected with being efficient. You want to avoid over packing or leaving behind essential items.

When it comes to packing a carry-on bag, things are even more difficult. Mistakes can cause you time, money, and productivity. Plus, you have to keep security checks in mind (we have your back on this front too. Read our post about packing with security in mind).

To help you make the best out of your next trip, we suggest you avoid the hotel experience and opt for the comfort of home by staying in one of our luxury vacation rentals—PC Housing has units across the country and Canada—reach out to us today! And we’ve taken the time to compile a list of essential items you must pack in your carry-on bag.

Read on to make sure your next trip goes smoothly.

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Airline Hacks: How to Pack with Security in Mind

Airline Hacks: How to Pack with Security in Mind | San Diego, CA | PC Housing

If you’re flying somewhere, you’re going to go through a security check. For some reason, the vast majority of people seem to deny this fact until the last moment—it’s baffling why so few plan accordingly. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you breeze through your next encounter with the TSA (or whichever international equivalent you’re to be scrutinized by).

Continue reading “Airline Hacks: How to Pack with Security in Mind”

How To Eat Healthy On Business Trips

How To Eat Healthy On Business Trips | PC Housing Blog

No matter how well-maintained your diet, business trips pose a challenge for healthy eating. There are some steps you can take to make sure your out-of-town diet doesn’t diverge too far from your norm. Try the following to take control of your on-the-fly intake.

Be wary of airport food (pack your own lunch)

Airports catch you at some awkward hours, meaning you’ll often find yourself hungry at your gate. The available food is usually overpriced and low-quality compared to what you could get outside the airport. It’s a good idea to avoid airport restaurants when possible. Pack a meal before you leave home if you have time. Otherwise, seek out unprocessed snacks and maybe a small deli sandwich inside the airport. Staying fed during travel is an important step to making sure you…

Don’t get thrown off schedule

Mealtimes become ingrained into your daily cycle. Don’t let travel push you too far out of your norms, as it may lead to unhealthy eating habits during your business trips. While travel time, meetings and client meals are out of your control, do your best to regulate which factors you can. Make sure not to skip breakfast, and try to always…

Carry healthy and filling snacks

In your efforts to curb bad food behavior, carry healthy and filling snacks. They’re great for those occasions you have to eat earlier or later than you’re used to. A handful of nuts and a piece of fruit is filling, nutritious, and easy to pack on the fly. Try almonds and pistachios, apples and bananas, a Larabar, or a sandwich. In fact, while it may be tempting to eat out at every meal, you should strive to…

Visit a grocery store at the earliest opportunity

While a foreign city’s local grocery is probably the last place you’d like to trek to after a day of air travel, it’s a smart destination. Whether it’s a supermarket or a corner store, twenty minutes spent building your traveling pantry will benefit you in the long run. Grab some local produce, nuts, snack bars, as much healthy fare as you’ll eat on your trip. You can even get some hearty bread and deli meat for on-the-go sandwiches. While this food will help fill in the gaps, there are going to be times that you eat out. When those occasions arise, it’s recommended that you…

Watch the sauce

Restaurant food isn’t always unhealthy, but when it is, it’s usually the sauce that pushes it over the top. While fried and oily foods are easy to sidestep, the healthiest-looking meal can be corrupted by an overzealous serving of sauce. As such, it’s a good idea to ask for the sauce on the side whenever you order an applicable dish. That way, you can put on as much sauce as you’d like and leave the rest behind.

If you have a choice between condiments, steer towards things with wholesome ingredients (a la salsa or guacamole) versus things made out of oils and syrups (soy sauce, thousand island, etc.). This will help to keep your traveling diet…

High protein, low carb

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to appreciate the simple beauty of this guideline. Adhering to these parameters when choosing your food will save you a headache, especially if you’re looking at nutritional labels. Aim to eat more high-protein foods, such as meat, eggs, nuts, and beans, and less high-carbohydrate foods, such as bread, rice, and pasta. This is especially important on business trips that involve a lot of seated meetings — if you’re meeting on the golf green, however, you can afford a few more carbs. When it comes to what you drink on the road, it’s always a good idea to…

Drink plenty of water

Water is more than a source of hydration — it can be a preventative measure for eating. Drinking a glass of water before you sit down to order food will fill you up, allowing you to make a more reserved choice in cuisine. While cocktails with clients and caffeinated drinks are to be expected during the course of a business trip, water should be your go-to beverage.


If you follow these tips, business trips don’t have to be filled with fat and fast food. They also don’t have to be spent in the confines of a hotel room. Choosing to stay in luxury vacation rentals has a wide range of benefits. PC Housing offers corporate and vacation housing across the country — contact us today to find out more!


8 Tips for Traveling Smart On A Long Weekend

8 Tips For Traveling Smart On A Long Weekend | PC Housing

Having a free Monday or Friday affixed to your weekend is a real treat. Not only will you get a three-day weekend, you’ll also get a four-day work week! As tempting as it is to pass the time in movie-marathon-induced lethargy, a weekend getaway will refresh you and give you memories to last a lifetime. Read on for 8 ways to help you fit a mini-vacation travel adventure into your next long weekend.

Continue reading “8 Tips for Traveling Smart On A Long Weekend”