Best Coffee in Seattle

It’s safe to say coffee shops are to Seattle what clowns are to the circus.  And there’s a very good reason why the original Starbucks is located in Seattle. Coffee shops in the Northwest city are as ubiquitous as North Face parkas and black-rimmed glasses. There are so many coffee shops in Seattle that it’s hard to even begin to list the many gem cafes, so we decided to break down the list into several tasty and cozy categories.

Best Coffee Shop Design/Place to Hangout

A key ingredient to any wonderful coffeehouse is the design and whether or not the ambiance is conducive to hanging out and working for a bit. For an immaculate and spacious hangout vibe, check out Caffee Vita in Pioneer Square. The massive, comfortable space feels like an open-air, reclusive library. The Bauhaus in Capitol Hill combines delicious coffee, tons of natural light and a delightful collection of books to make for the ideal cafe experience.

Best Place to Buy Beans

For more than a decade, Victrola Coffee Roasters in Capitol Hill has been supplying the community with top-notch farm-direct beans. The café on 15th St. is equipped with its own roasting capabilities. Another great direct roasting option is Broadcast Coffee Roasters. With three locations in the city, Broadcast uses only the highest quality beans.

Best Cup

We hate to pick just a few but there’s no doubting that Caffe Fiore should be on the list. The organic coffee house has four locations and places strict requirements on the grade of bean, which makes for a cup of Joe that’s very close to perfection. Zoka Coffee is another standout coffee house that sources a large amount of delicious single origin coffee from Africa and South America.

We only began to scratch the surface on this coffee mecca and can’t emphasize enough on why making the trip to Seattle is worth it for the coffee alone. Seattle is also a thriving metropolis to live and make sure to visit PC Housing for several reasonable and centrally located housing options.

Image: Pixabay