PC Housing [INFOGRAPHIC] – “Mobile Dependence: A Growing Trend in Business Travel”

According to our stats, smartphones and tablets are slowly placing themselves in between water and food as top necessities for business travelers. It makes sense. Being on the road is simply made easier and more manageable by these tools that allow us to stay connected but are these mobile devices taking up too much of our time?

Check out our infographic below to see how dependent you are in comparison to other road warriors!

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Business Traveler's Mobile Dependence Infographic

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10 Responses to “PC Housing [INFOGRAPHIC] – “Mobile Dependence: A Growing Trend in Business Travel””

  1. Nice rendition! Please make sure to link back to the source data: http://mobile-workforce-project.ipass.com/reports/q2-report-2012.

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  4. Scott Abel says:

    Can you please provide more specific references so I can use this infographic on my site. My readers expect links to the source materials. Ideally, a link to each article in which the statistic appears would be perfect.

  5. Adrian Land says:

    I think that your infographic has pretty much described me perfectly. A bit to perfectly to be honest.

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  7. […] Business Traveler’s Mobile Dependence Infographic created by PC Housing […]

  8. […] Business Traveler’s Mobile Dependence Infographic created by PC Housing […]

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