Looking for Corporate Housing in San Diego? Hide Your Excitement From the Boss



JOE/JANE CORPORATE is called into BIG BOSS’S office. With fingers crossed and an anxious fear that he/she might be getting set up to spend the next month scouring Craigslist for a new job, the hapless corporate crusader steps across the office threshold expecting the worst..


Joe/Jane, I bet you’re wondering why I called you in here today?


Ummm, well yes, I realize that I have been coming in at 9:04 the last few days, but I promise I stay an extra 30 minutes to make up for it! Please don’t fire me! I need this job, my dog’s in the hospital and my Grandma has been shedding! Johnson comes in at 9:06 AND  he doesn’t even stay late!!


I see. Well send my best to your Grandma and a bowl of kibbles & bits to the pup, but that wasn’t why I called you in here. We’re sending you to San Diego to open our new office and I need you to look into finding corporate housing for the team for the 2 months you’ll be away. Think you can handle it? Great. Report back when you’ve made the reservation.

JOE/JANE Corporate:

Yes sir! Thank you, sir!


And send Johnson in on your way out…

We know what you’re thinking. “Did PC Housing just score a copy of the script for the latest Hollywood office drama “Dream Job Scenario II: Best Assignment Ever”?!”

Not quite, but close.

San Diego is a dream destination for vacationers  hoping to take in all the beauty of Southern California without the hassle of L.A., and getting PAID to visit is the next best thing to a company sponsored vacation. It’s part of the reason why PC Housing, the number one source for furnished apartments and extended corporate housing rentals, calls “America’s Finest City” home.

We specialize in combining the luxury of a hotel with the comfort that comes from feeling like you’re in a home away from home. Whether you’ll be spending all your time working and hanging in Downtown around the Gaslamp Quarter, catching a Chargers game on your day off at Qualcomm in Mission Valley, or taking in the seaside views from the cliffs above Costa Verde in La Jolla, we have something guaranteed to make the time in between work and play relentlessly enjoyable.

So, when the call comes down and you discover your next extended stay will be taking place in the jewel of  So Cal, do your best to hide the pure joy you may be feeling until after you leave the office. Once safely away from judging eyes, you can jump for joy, do the robot, or whatever else comes over you. We completely understand.

Image: TouristSpot