Business Travelers Look to be Getting a Whole Lot More Relaxed in 2012 With Express Spa Treatments

Corporate Housing Spa Day

Making time for the soothing luxury of a “spa-day” is not likely to be the first thing on every road warriors mind when sprinting from terminal to terminal. No matter how nice it sounds, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for lavish, self-indulgent treatments. Or are there?

One of 2011’s biggest travel trends (other than the rise of corporate housing and furnished apartments, of course!) is poised to make 2012 the most affordably relaxing year in recent memory. Behold, the “express spa treatment,” a 30-minute-or-less option that is aimed squarely at YOU, the stressed out, busy bee.

As reported by CNN, “The No. 1 reason people go to the spa is to relax and reduce stress. Catching flights and conducting meetings from cell phones can trigger added stress for many business travelers,” says ISPA (International Spa Association) President Lynne McNees. “An express treatment is the perfect alternative to help them balance before getting back to work.”

Rather than spending hours being endlessly pampered in exchange for a healthy chunk of change, the express treatment revolution is an affordable way to work the kinks out.

“Studies have shown that even an affordable 15- minute massage can reduce tension headaches, stress and anxiety”

The emergence of the express treatment option in 2011 has proven wildly popular with travelers on a tight financial budget and only a few minutes to spare, so expect to see it truly take off in 2012 as more airport terminals and lounges begin offering the service.

JFK Airport has the Xpress Spa that has no problem with walk-in’s, and Newark Liberty International Airport has the D_parture Spa, which offers quick and easy touch ups for ladies on the move.

“Business travelers demand [express treatments] and the driving force is that time is increasingly their most rare and precious commodity…So the spa trend now is … all about letting business people have it their way.”

Well, there you have it folks. Imagine just how much easier life on the road will be when you can spend those 20-30 minutes waiting for takeoff getting the knots worked out of your neck and shoulders. We’ve got our money on more and more of these types of offerings becoming commonplace throughout the country as we make our way through the year.

Have you had any experiences either positive or negative with an express spa treatment? Sound off in the comments, we’d love to hear about it!

Image: Mandicresswell