Motion Sickness Remedies For The Business Traveler

Traveling with motion sickness can make your journey downright miserable and make you think twice before you get on another plane, train or boat. But if you are a business traveler, you may not have a choice. So, why not try one of these remedies the next time you are en route to your next industry conference or business meeting?

  • Ginger – This is the most natural remedy to combat motion sickness and is safe, though not 100% proven to work for everyone. Ginger root can be purchased in candies and capsule form and use of up to 250 milligrams four times a day is considered a safe amount for most people. (This is even safe for pregnant women!)
  • Bracelets Sea-Bands are the original motion sickness bracelets and can be purchased in your local drugstore. They work by stimulating the acupressure points on the wrist, which fights nausea. The bracelets are safe and can be combined with other remedies as well.
  • Antihistamines – Apparently they can fight not only your allergies, but also your motion sickness as well. Benadryl has been proven to work and is FDA-approved for children over the age of two. Dramamine is specifically for combating motion sickness and is quite effective. The downside to both of these medications is that they take about 30 minutes to start working and usually make you quite drowsy. However, there is a non-drowsy Dramamine version available now.
  • Prescription drugs– When your over-the-counter meds aren’t cutting it, sometimes you need something more. Promethazine (Phenergan) is also an antihistamine that can relieve nausea, but requires a prescription from your doctor. You may also choose prescription strength meclizine (Antivert), though both of these options will leave you quite drowsy.
  • Patches – Scopolamine patches (Transderm-Scop) are highly effective in fighting motion sickness and nausea though some people have reported blurry vision and severe drowsiness when using it. Some people have even reported that they experienced nausea, dizziness, and headaches when they removed the patch.
  • Eat Accordingly – Rather than gorging yourself before your journey, eat a light meal about three hours before you leave. If motion sickness had already kicked in, snack on crackers and sip on a carbonated beverage. Chamomile and peppermint are also helpful to ease an upset stomach.
  • Get a Good Seat – If you are riding in a car, sit in the front seat where you can look out the front window. If you are flying, try to pick a seat over a wing and if you are on a boat, sitting mid-ship out on the deck is best. Choosing a lower boat deck is also helpful because you rock less when you are below the water line.
  • Avoid Bad Vibes – What we really mean is to avoid nausea triggers like alcohol, cigarette smoke, and stinky fumes or odors. Also avoiding other people who may become ill is a good idea.
  • Breathe Deep, Seek Peace – Though we borrowed this mantra from yoga class, it really does help. Lean back into your headrest to minimize movement, focus on the horizon, and don’t read or watch movies. Close your eyes and stay calm to help your stomach settle.
  • Get Some Fresh Air – Roll a window down, turn on the A/C, or step out on the ship’s deck; fresh air will do you wonders.