Great Tips to Find Corporate Housing San Diego


Whether you’re moving for a job, relocating and waiting for your home to be built, or you’ve just moved to San Diego and you’re not sure what neighborhood will work best, you’ll need a good temporary solution for corporate housing San Diego.

After you’ve considered the reason for your move you’ll need to get a map of San Diego. The city is spread out and most of the neighborhoods are developed and close to main thoroughfares and highways. So, understanding the geographic layout is essential. I didn’t do this when I move to San Diego many years ago, and I wasted a lot of gasoline going from one end of the city to the other…just to nearly find myself back where I started.

You’ll need to assess how long you’re staying. Is this just a 3 month work stint? Will the contractors be finished in 2 months, or are your in-laws ‘snow-birding’ to San Diego from upstate Wisconsin for 6 months? Next you’ll need to factor the budget, but remember, in most corporate housing the amenities are included in the housing rates. Check with us about that!

Speaking of amenities, what’s important to you? How many bedrooms? How many baths? Then there’s the proximity to schools and universities. Don’t forget the pet policies.

These are just few of the considerations you should have. We specialize in temporary furnished apartments, so feel free to ask us any questions.